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Monday 26 August 2019

Here We Go Again. Again

Just who thought 50th anniversaries were a good idea?! My last DGM diary was December 21st, and my last foray onto Facebook was on my birthday – 21st March, when I wrote:

“It is just (just) possible that I have finished work on Heaven and Earth boxed Set today - in which case I will deserve the large drink that I will be having this evening. And if I haven't finished, then what the heck!”

I think we all know how that went!

And in between, it seems that I stepped onto my morning treadmill, slowly cranked up the speed, and have never got off. Which means it must be doing me good. Feel the burn, and wait for the benefits.

Of necessity, I have therefore discarded the superfluous – which included diarizing and facebooking, as there are more than sufficient voices without mine. Or perhaps, I am just not a natural social media animal. Private diaries are more my thing. “Honoring necessity” has also meant that I have attended fewer full shows. Sufficient to be able to offer informed commentary when the band require it, but no more. Even here in Mexico City, where concerts have an energy all of their own, I have mostly sampled just four or five songs a night.

There are, however, various public commentaries that need to be made. I also have a hard-drive of the only tour photographs that I can take better than Tony Levin - the ones when he is on stage. And they serve little purpose hidden away. So here we go again.

This picture at the Teatro Metropolitan captures something of the unique atmosphere: