Moonchild (Including Cadenzas)
Written by Hector Diaz
A song for Santiago
I am very pleased to hear the Moonchild version. It brings my mind to the origins of King Crimson. The song that can best represent the city of Santiago in this time: In The Wake Of Poseidon (Including Libra's Theme). A city at the foot of the Andes, where a lot of energy flows, sometimes polarized, that finally develops the virtue of temperance (balance). October 12 is Libra, plus they are The 12 Archetypes or The 12 Faces of Humankind. On October 12, the meeting of two cultures is celebrated. The European, and the American. Colon arrived in the new world.
Written by ALLAN G OKADA
This is superb. Moonchild is great and I've seen them do it I think three times now. But the real treats are the credenzas at the end. Robert and Jeremy's in particular. They did this following Moonchild also in Toronto earlier and Robert and Jeremy's credenzas were the highlight of the evening for me. Robert's credenza was completely different from this there however. Slow with lots of sustained notes...also incredibly beautiful.
Written by Bruce Roop
Another mindblowing show
I have seen this incarnation 8 times. Somehow, they keep getting better and better, The set list was excellent. New for me were LTIA 4, Moonchild, Cat Food and Frame By Frame. All were quite outstanding. Jeremy is crazy good on the keys. I could go on and on about the musicianship, but we all no that they are the best live band on the planet. What I really really like was how much each member is enjoying what they played, but equally loved listening to each other. As an example, during Islands, Pat had his eyes closed and was so enjoying just listening to the other bandmates. He told me he often cries during that song when they play it. He was the epitome of what Robert said during the Royal Celebration and that was to be present when listening to music. They are part of the audience, part of the experience, not just the preformers. Thanks guys. See you next year.
Written by Pete Sawchuk
Apologies up front; short title, but this may get long & gushy. If you start to feel nauseous, please stop reading. I’m a lifelong guisician & prog fan but it took me till earlier this year @ age 58 to dive into the Crim rabbit hole. Next step? Go to a show. They’d be in New York on 9/21 @ Radio City Music Hall, but as a wedding band leader (actually quite a good one, not looking for pity here) I’m gigging every Saturday night. That’s how Monday 9/23 in Philadelphia became my first King Crimson show. Drove down from Long Island solo & sat next to the wonderful Tim & family from Ohio. Seated between Mom & Dad, Tim’s 14 year-old son is a guitarist & huge fan. Knowing they couldn’t make the 9/25 Cleveland show, they drove across Pennsylvania to be there Monday; beautiful! There was a lovely overall vibe in the audience. It’s rare, but the great bands build a community that makes new members feel welcome as well. As for an actual review of the I’ve ever been to, and I’ve seen my share. It was intense, fun and completely (unexpectedly?) soulful. Masters, equals, I’m thinking friends, lifting each other on stage & taking everyone with them. This is what music can do. I didn’t pace myself at all & was spent by the end of the 1st set AS AN AUDIENCE MEMBER. This gives you a pretty good idea of what it takes for these guys to do their thing. All respect & gratitude for what they laid down. And the cherry on top; Mel Collins on the alto flute [I think during MOONCHILD].