Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Saturday 15 March 2003

Hotel Quite Acceptable, Chicago.


The sun is shining, the sky is blue. The view of downtown Chicago from the corner room of a 20th. floor is impressive. How wonderful to wake up in a room where I went to bed the night before.

The following is a quote recently attributed to me in posts to Elephant Talk, and it is almost accurate. "The only reward a musician should receive is music". A more accurate quote is actually the only reward a musician receives is music. Still, you don't get much closer than that - rather like hitting an E flat instead of an E.


I have now lived longer than Nietzsche.


Somewhat practiced in readiness for this evening, Devil Throat continues.


A boisterous & generous crowd, fairly vocal. A most enjoyable performance. Once again the band comment that a venue with mixed standing & seated is the way to go for us.

A personal comment: there was a point of openness within the set. There is the band, the audience, the playing, the music - and an openness within it. Ah, joy.

As I left the soundcheck, Pat was continuing his incremental movement forward. This was the first time I have heard acoustic-electric drumming as I have hoped to hear it.

And a spare pick on the Lunar Module was missing. This is one of my dwindling lifetime's supply. When they are used up, there are none left & no more to replace them. I have enough to end my playing days, providing I am economical. John tells me that it disappeared in Quebec. He attributes this to a student venue & student assistance, and one of those assistant students deciding he would collect a Fripp pick. This has happened before.

After all, what does it matter? Just one small detail, like one little pick, one photo, one autograph, or one prick in a baloon. It may be difficult for us to believe that the small gestures we make might have a beneficial effect in a strange and threatening world. But it is very easy for small actions to do damage, and in ways that we decline to acknowledge. After all, it's just one little prick in the balloon.