Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Monday 14 June 2004

Satch Bus, outside venue, Copenhagen.


An experientially long overnight drive, including ferry, to Copenhagen, arriving c. 10.15. Dribbling, into the bath, hitting the street at lunchtime for lattes and continuing reading. Lobby call at 15.00 for a soundcheck necessitated by last night’s appalling sound.

The venue was a sports hall, not an easy acoustic for loud rock performance. Nor quiet rock performance. Nor performance at any level. Good professionals like Joe and Steve accept that this is what it is, and deal. A very loud stage, and very loud, reverberant room giving considerable difficulties to Doug Nightwine, hero FOH soundmixer.

One vision of hell…

Both Steve’s and Joe’s sets were superb, and the jam worked much better than last night; that the players were able to hear each other was an added bonus. This evening, I enjoyed playing both with the Satch band and the jam.

Steve practises signing his name. The life of the working player…

The Soundscapes set was met by booing and slow handclapping, for the second evening in a row. I find that if my playing is right, I have no concern for the reception. If my playing is poor, for whatever reason, I am unable to look people in the eyes, as after last night’s jam. For Soundscapes, on both the performances so far, my feelings are untouched by the reception.

But a night in a hotel room. Hotel Room With Fruit And Dodgy Art: Still Life…