Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Thursday 20 March 2003

Hotel Quite Acceptable, Denver.


The sun is shining, the sky is mostly blue, downtown streets are clear of snow & traffic is moving again. Yesterday, snowed in, it was as if the world were on hold.


A call to David at DGM HQ. The prospective KC tour of Europe continues to be problematic while likely. But overall, in DGM & KC matters, there is more movement forwards than backwards, and more positive than negative.

At this moment I need England so badly that I am playing Elgar. Eddie is associated with the Malverns, only 12 miles from Bredonborough, and is buried there. I acknowledge that this is an inner England that I miss, one of the imagination more than the actuality. But, nevertheless, the actuality remains in pockets; and in places. The centre of Malvern is one, the centre of Bredonborough is another.


A band meeting was called for 14.10 to consider the options for this evening. Our equipment was at the front of the truck & irretrievable, for various reasons all connected to the weather. So, our second show in Denver has now been cancelled.

String Cheese Incident generously invited us to sit in with them, a ProjeKct Cheese?, but without our equipment that's not feasible either. So Crim concerns have now moved to getting the Team to Vancouver. The Crewbus has recently left, also carrying Crimson baggage - the queues at Denver airport are 4-5 hours for check-in passengers. Tour Manager MJK's hope is that as e-ticketed passengers with carry-on we might have an easier check-in. This is Plan A. Plan B is for the Crimbus to redirect via Denver and for us to spend 2 days driving to Vancouver. We are hoping that it's Plan A.


Back from cheering for SCI at the Fillmore. I wish we might have played there this evening. I want that we might have played there this evening.

The Crims have a lobby call at 09.45 to get us to The Land-of-Tents four hours ahead of our flight. This is the recommended check-in time!