Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Saturday 12 June 2004

Hotel It-Is-Almost Posh, Amsterdam.


Into the breakfast room at 06.30 for a quiet, reflective read. A Japanese man came in at 06.35 with much clearing of his internal plumbing and a long, loud mobile-telephone call, followed by snorting as another twist of his plumbing received attention.

The in-house music system was devoted to Gallic bleating, also known as chanson. With the exception of Edith & La Vie En Rose, a classic that takes me back to the very early years of my life and an earlier Paris, chanson is better termed Gallic bleating.

Practising practising.

22.11 Official: it is Joe’s legs that have been leant to me for the G3 t-shirt & poster.

Today: final rehearsals for the Satch band. Steve Vai arrived at lunchtime to organise the G3 jam and then to rehearse his own band. Good to see Billy Sheehan, a pal from meeting regularly on different continents over the years,

The team members and crew have a very open approach to photography, which worked well for me with one exception. A tech came right up and focused, unmoving: I stopped playing until he moved on. From my own day’s photography:

Still Life: Guitars With Fruit…

Guitars With Fruit And Drummer…

Guitars With Fruit And Guitarist…

Another Guitarist With Drummer…

Today, rehearsing the G3 jam, marked the completion of the first stage of the overall G3 tour: the preparation stage. Without personal preparation, driving around England listening to the pieces, practising guitar, flying to California for two days’ rehearsals, it would have been be impossible for me to honourably discharge what is asked of me. Now, it’s possible. What a privilege to work with players of this standard.

Then back to the hotel, enjoying the feel of completion, chilling with a walk and book before returning to the hotel for practising. The energy on this Saturday night, on the edge of the red light district, did not appeal to me. From this evening’s photography…

Gallery Belew In Amsterdam? Behind a gallery window…

Hernan Nunez Moves To Amsterdam? Dramatic proof exists…

If there were any further doubt, opposite and thirty yards away, another member of The Gaucho Mafia is in place…