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Tuesday 27 February 2024

Motel Modesto, San Luis Obispo.


Rising against gravity and with batteredness 08.00.

13.38 A morning of e-fury.

Of the three evenings of Englishman Abroad so far, all have been very different and I have enjoyed each of them. Burning Questions: there has been on question with sufficient heat for fire IMO.

Much of the KC / RF commentary on social media strikes me as unconsidered, rather than uninformed; and much opinion Received Opinion, rather than a result of pondering. I engage with goodwill with those whose interest goes beyond the music, which mostly speaks for itself (there are exceptions).

I’m not sure how much information is needed, for someone whose opinion is already confirmed, for them to reconsider their opinion. For those whose minds are open and have an interest in the mechanics of the professional life, I’ll provide an increasing amount of information. These are a series of reports, in much the same way that The Guitar Circle…

… is a series of reports from over three decades of Guitar Craft and the Guitar Circle…

On the RF DGM Diary for 22february2024 I posted original letters to Crimson members…

There is a key letter missing from these, the letter that suggested KC’s fraKctalisation of KC in 1997 following the abandoned Nashville rehearsals earlier in the year, and a possible way forward…

Discipline Global Mobile.
Reddish Cottages,
South Street,

Wiltshire SP5 5DH.

August 20th. 1997.

To All Crims and Richard

Dear Team,

Almost since we were last together I have been concerned, twitching and even desperate trying to figure out the next step for Crim and Crim material.

My intentions and recommendations for band strategy remain substantially the same, but with a change of emphasis. I would like us to get to a radically new Crim and repertoire, but rather than plan a tour, even club dates, and intend to have the material ready for the dates, I would like to have the material ready first.

I can't recommend that we meet in November and spend $30,000 on recording / writing / rehearsals - we're not ready for that. The interesting point for me listening to the DATs from the last sessions is how the energy falls off over the week.

I know that rock music has changed, and I know that guitar playing has changed. But I don't know to what in either case. So it's a question of adopting whatever strategies get us there. Several suggestions, all of which are intended as ongoing and maintaining momentum.

Points arising:

  1. Bill feels that the drummers have done substantially all they can without being presented with front line information.

  2. Bill is also in gig-withdrawal mode and keen to play live.

  3. Adrian and I are both changing our equipment and hitting program default buttons; essentially we are beginning again. We intend to begin our new writing program supported by a new battery of sounds and textures, which is how Ade and I began on "Discipline".

  4. There are difficulties with the full Crimso the Great Double Trio of Pain, Death, Terror, Joy & Wonderment working together: huge expense, expectation of established Crimson repertoire, major logistical problems.

Strategic Suggestion:

An alternative approach is for units within the Sextet to work together, privately and publicly, rather than all six of us  to clatter and bang away simultaneously - which is wonderful for some of the time. This is down to the small units and members to use their own initiative rather than waiting to be called.

Pat, Trey and myself are already committed to playing 3-7 nights in Austin or Nashville. We don't know exactly when, but soon-ish. Meanwhile, to appease the savage Bruford breast, I suggested that Bill and I do dates in England as a duo. He suggested a trio with Tony, and I suggested a quartet with Trey.

Currently we have 4 nights at the Jazz Cafe in London, 1-4 December as (working title) PROJEkCT ONE: BB, RF, TG, TL.

It is important to me that the declared aim of these sub-groups of Crimson is to advance the interest of the overall and Greater Crim. Then, the whole band benefits. Otherwise, the projects might distract.

My suggestion for the name/s of these smaller projects would be PROJEkCT One, Two, etc., and the names of the individual members. I would anticipate recording the performances for possible individual release, and / or incorporation of less / more on a full Crim album. These projeKcts can become as much and / or as little as they might become. My main own main interest is that they function as Research & Development for the Greater Crim.

I have suggested to Ade that I go to chez Belewbeloible in Mid-November, joined in mid-stream by Trey and then Tony. After this work-out of The String Quartet (do I sense a gig coming on?) Trey, Tony and I fly to England to meet with Bill for the four

nights of improv. Terror! Joy! Wonderment!

Lots of love, Robert


15.44     Harold J Mossi CPAC Cuesta Coll1ge Highway, San Luis Obispo.

Arrived from our modest accommodations c. 14.45 and preparing for this evening’s brutal interrogation. Perhaps even with a Burning Question…