If Meltdown began life reopening the interlocking agenda of ‘80s Crimson, the integration of baton-passing notes between two guitarists and three drummers takes the original idea to a new level altogether. Between those mesmeric spirals, Mel Collins interjects a soulful clarity while Rieflin’s additional Mellotron increases both texture and tension. Within this single number, Crimson provides an object lesson in poise and balance.
Written by Robert A Wright-Stasko
No Complaints
I drove to Rochester, NY from Akron OH to see this show, and I have no regrets or complaints. Before show there was music, food, and beer down every street in Rochester for the jazz festival. I wish I could have been there all week. But I was there to see King Crimson, and I would pay any price to see this fantastic beast of a band (to prove it, I already bought my Royal Package for the Fall tour). Yes, it is true that the band played less music than they normally play on this tour, but it was just as long as the show I saw King Crimson play in Philadelphia in 2014. I got to hear songs I have been dying to hear like Lizard, Indiscipline, and Neurotica. In terms of the sound quality, again I had no complaints. A long time ago, I learned to wear earplugs at every rock concert I go to. It cuts out all of the reverb (which other reviewers seemed to have a problem with at this venue) and unwanted crowd noise. The pure music cuts through, the noise and echo are cut out, so I can actually listen to any band better with the earplugs in. Equipped with those, I heard all the nuance of multiple mellotrons, interlocking guitars and Sticks, flute and sax, and three drummers inter-playing. The merch was great too! I got a free bumper sticker and Stick Men sampler with my t-shirt, program, and tour cd. It was a fantastic show and worth everything I payed.
Written by Chris Seremet
Good Expensive Short Set
The sound was ok where I was....on the floor off to the left. The room is mostly bare stone walls all around with no dampening. Would have been good if ticket prices reflected the shorter set, about two-thirds a normal set. Not sure how that came to be as the rest of the Jazz Fest was in action. I was reasonably happy with the quality of the show, otherwise. Solid playing. But nothing like Montreal! WOW!
Written by Jeff Knighton
Great in Spite of Oposition
As I experienced this show, I had not been peaking and was overjoyed by every note. The sound, as has been noted, was unfortunately flavored by the hall, with a lot of bass cancelation and a very wide down beat. Fripp was sounding very old school Fripp to me at times, stroking dark jazz chords and attacking his leads on some of the older material in a way that made me wonder if he'd been messing around with standard tuning (I doubt it). So, I quickly looked past the sound, knowing instantly that it was probably beyond repair, due to the hall. After experiencing the joy of the show, I felt a little jealous looking at some other set lists at the length (two pages instead of one). I drove all the way from Virginia for the show (closest I could make, being on a weekend), and I wondered why it was a shortened list. I read one of the other reviews that said the venue had limitations. That is a shame. I thoroughly enjoyed what I got to hear, but sure would like to have had the opportunity to hear the full output of this beast. I've seen KC about a dozen times (I think more now) since 1980, and have thoroughly enjoyed every note of every show, and I think they are currently firing on all cylinders. Please run down the east coast to the DC area so my wife and I can catch a full length home show!!! ; ) - but thanks for delivering! After Circus, which was the third piece, I said to my wife, "Okay - that was worth the drive..." And I meant it.
Written by Robert Gliddon
View from the back corner
As noted by the posted reviewer, the sound was not good. For myself in the upper deck, back corner our location was the problem. One aspect for my lacklustre experience was the row of people in front of me who had been living in the Jazz Festival's beer tents all day, All head banging and air drumming during the heavy bits and boozy conversations during the quieter sections despite requests to cease and desist. I mean, who in their right mind pays 90$ total to the person beside you? I know that I am very angry that I payed that much to listen to that idiot. As well there was the idiot who took flash photographs two songs after the announcement to refrain from such activity. Robert had his stage manager shine a flashlight up towards our area and it seemed to cast a pall on Robert and the rest of the show. I beg of everybody who will be in Toronto to PUT AWAY YOUR DAMNED CAMERAS!!! I will also express my feelings of being cheated by only hearing the short set because of the venue's rules, while the rest of the Jazz Festival continued merrily along.