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Thursday 29 February 2024

Englishmen Abroad

Robert Fripp and I have now completed the first four speaking engagements of our "Englishmen Abroad" California tour. A travel day/day off in Agourra Hills yesterday, and now five more dates back-to-back to come. Fascinating the huge difference between the venues and the nature of the resulting evenings thus far.
The first show was at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz. A funky feel as befits a jazz club. One small backstage dressing room, with no toilet. Which we though in advance might present problems. But didn't. A fun evening with close intimate conversations.
The second was the Sofia Theater in Sacramento. A modern theatre, with very good facilities (although the projector that they had hired did give up the ghost and delay the show). Somewhere you might expect to see a play (and one was being performed on the stage next door). So a different interaction with the audience.
The third show was at the Chapel in San Francisco. A rock club which had sold both seated and standing tickets - so possibly resulted in more of an "entertainment" event (happy to say that we appeared to able to deliver on that requirement).
The last night thus far was at the Performing Arts Centre in San Luis Obispo. A small room, where we declined a "riser" so that we were not even on a stage. The smallest audience but another lovely intimate evening.
All of which keeps everything fresh and exciting. Different audiences with different questions in very different spaces.
Which brings me to 'what on earth am I going to talk about tonight?!' No idea. Let's find out.