Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Saturday 04 May 2019



Into the Crimson Rehearsal Zone c. 10.30…

Much fine-tuning of equipment and re-configuring, rehearsing new material after noon…

… and listening to the playback…

Lunch, returning to Drumsonising…

… and a run-through of re-arranged pieces as a seven-piece until c. 15.00. In very good spirits, at 15.11 King Crimson Un-Enfistulated…

… and completed this period of rehearsing, to re-convene in Leipzig at the beginning of the first leg of 2019 Celebratory touring.

A few comments on the week, under the heading of The Irreplaceable Billness Of Bill.

Theo Travis is a superb musician and a person of quality. I very much enjoyed my professional / musical work in Travis & Fripp and view Theo a personal friend. Theo was first choice as Bill Rieflin’s dep for 2019 touring. But not every idea works out, even good ideas among excellent musicians – no blame! - and should in no way be considered any form of failure on Theo’s part.

When I discussed this with Theo in the KC Rehearsal Zone on Wednesday afternoon, I am unable to know what mixture of relief and disappointment he may have felt; but Theo’s response was with the decency, straightforwardness and graciousness that I know in him. I also mentioned to Theo that I do not see this as the end of our professional work together, merely this particular aspect of it.

So, the Crim choice: to find and integrate an Eighth Member, or re-integrate The Seven-Headed Beast Of Crim. The latter includes re-arranging / redistribution of parts, and more gear. From the RF Diary for Thursday, two days ago:

At 13.02 King Crimson decided that, in Bill Rieflin's absence, to proceed as a Seven-Headed Beast. The decision was taken unanimously by all Crims. Tacitly, we accepted: regardless of the quality of player depping for Bill, simply, Bill is irreplaceable. It’s not the notes hat are played, it’s the Billness of Bill that Master Rieflin brings to the group.

So, a surprise for all of us. But – hey! - this is King Crimson. The good news: Theo is out and stomping with Soft Machine; and King Crimson is beginning again, again.

Meanwhile, during the re-configuring of Crim, there have been various online commentary: informed, reflective and considered opinion, encouraged and welcome. Also witterings of the clueless-and-slightly-slack variety, given that social media allows for a multiplying of dopey commentary: when we go out in public, our head placed where sunshine never falls, and comment on the weather, good to be prepared for rain to fall.

Leaving the KC Rehearsal Zone c. 15.30, home c. 17.25 and a walk down the garden…

T will be home from her show in Southampton about midnight. Yippee!