Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Sunday 26 January 2003

Los Molinos.


The Level Two members are enjoying their lunch. At the end of our 12.15 meeting they were still somewhat undecided on which notes belonged to the scale of C major ascending & descending in alternating octaves, and opted for the Pig Crossing The Road Strategy - Total Commitment (based on a motivational story that my Sister used to tell). On this occasion it involved the Level Two staying in the chapel until the exercise was honourably discharged, once. So their lunch was postponed until this was done.

The day began with cold water & no heating. The Helpful Crafty who had volunteered to switch on the heating system at 05.00 did so - almost. They turned the switch to off. This is a good example of the GC aphorisms: don't be helpful and helpful people are a nuisance. Unless competence (at least) accompanies the helpfulness, informed by a sufficiency of information & a sense of the whole process, the repercussions fail to match those that are intended.

Meetings this morning with Staff & Mentoring Buddies at 09.00, Kitchen Team at 09.30, Level One at 10.00 and Level Two at 12.15. Lunch was waiting on the tables for those of us who arrived at 13.00.


Kitchen Team meeting with guitars at 15.00. Difficult division of attention exercises for feet, hands, then with guitars. Then to new generation thrakking exercises & multiple-note circulations in C major/A natural minor, Cm/A flat major, D major/B natural minor.

One of the Argentinian Crafties now lives in Los Molinos. His wife and 2 young sons came to the meeting. The younger son was clearly having a very hard time & left not long after the beginning of the meeting. The older of the two stayed until the end.


Wonderful performances at teatime by two of the three outstanding GC trios: The Big Time Trio & Zum. (The third trio, not physically present here, is The California Guitar Trio).


Alexanderisinging has been taking place in the Ballroom. For me, an opportunity to shower & shave. At 18.15 a few words of introduction to the Practice of Doing Nothing.

The gates of heaven open to persistence.


Several good performances at dinner, including a large ensemble led by Tony Geballe. A brave solo performance from Joe, rewarded with a box of chocolates that he shared out. Also, good comments on the day's work.

We are meeting at 21.30 in the ballroom, all guitars welcome, Perky & Non-Perky.


Lots of fun in the guitar meeting: a packed ballroom with 2 circles, inner & outer, with 2 groups of Mentor Buddies, one at each end.

There is bounciness in the house. Some people are having a hard time. There are 59 people signed up for personal meetings with me, beginning tomorrow. Tony Geballe has 3 calisthenics classes throughout the day. The Alexander Teachers have a day off and exeat.