Friday 17 February 2006

The Basement, Chateau Belewbeloid.


A bright, chill morning at Mount Juliet.

Workstation, with re-vibrated computer on the left…

Belewbeloid Artwork to the right…

… which merges with the newly redecorated citron yellow of the studio office exceptionally well.

A morning catching-up with Martha and Ade; calls to the Minx in Bredonborough and Sister in Las Vegas; and e-flurrying over a range of subject matters. One e-letter, declining an offer for a photograph session to endorse a piece of guitar kit that I use, and which would feature in a series of advertisements; another, this…

All of us have difficult relationships to redeem, and parents are probably the hardest. Even when parents are alive, the children are often more able to address problems than the parents, who have become less flexible. So, where there is a difficulty, best that we accept for us to address it than hoping a parent might..

There is no time limit set on redemption, and death doesn't stop the process. nor are our family out of reach simply because we don't have morning coffee with them, or because they don't pick up a telephone when we call. goodwill, intentionally sent and directed, arrives at its destination and has effect - but not overnight.

Outside the back door…

It seems Adrian likes vintage motors.

In The Studio I…



15.12       John and Ken arrived half an hour ago and are setting up even more stuff…

…because Adrian’s drumming is a key feature of Fripp & Adrian…

At least, that’s what I’ve told Adrian.

17.55       The boys have not yet been playing, but the equipment is mostly set up. For me, programming the Solar Voyager to go where many people have already boldly gone, but to make the journeying warmer and hold greater interest.

18.28      Sit on the floor and do nothing! Yes, O Master!

22.57      The creative moment takes place where timelessness and the stream of successive events meet. This moment is where, experienced from within the time stream, time stands still; and, when we move more fully into that moment, where time ends. This is where we were, before we were born.

Practising and listening done for the evening.