Wednesday 28 November 2018

Hotel If-All-Our-Hotels-Were-Like-This, Tokyo.


Rising c. 07.30 and down to the Trough Of Wonder & Tasty Things for setlisting.

Two subjects that fall to me, seemingly little commented upon, are:

  1. The forming of bands, including the mechanics of those members working together.
  2. Composing setlists, including the mechanics of composing setlists.

Subject one, part of The Rich & Joyful History Of King Crimson – Why Did Happy Bands Keep Breaking Up?, might be a book in itself, rather than merely a chapter.

Subject two is a daily event in my life on KC performing days. Each time is the first time, the assumption of innocence within a context of experience: honouring time, place, person and circumstance.

A third subject, which has been addressed to a degree (eg Six Principles Of The Performance Event, is Performance. This would be a magnum opus for anyone undertaking it. If we could fully explain performance, it would be close to explaining the Creation: the Ur Performance To explain performance is to present a cosmology and metaphysics, set within our own experience. In a sense, the Creation on a smaller scale. The work of Guitar Craft, Guitar Circle and The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists are based primarily within performance; both privately within courses, and in exposure to public ridicule.

Creation available to all, on a scale and to whatever degree each is able to participate. Cf

Also in breakfast-reflecting, the sense of an opportunity preparing itself for the future.

11.20       Setlisting and a DGM Breakfast Meeting with David Singleton, discussing various arisings in the lives of KC and DGM.

12.45      Practising done. Down to the ground floor for the first van to the venue.

23.09     Lunch with Hellboy Tom and a Facetime in person afterwards. An interesting career opportunity has opened for Tom.

Towards the Soundcheck…

Meeting the Royal Packagers c. 17.00, this evening with translator. Mentioning my interest in what brings people to KC; and the Six Principles Of The Performance Event.

Onstage at 19.00 First set one hour and twenty-seven minutes. Two hours and fifty-seven overall.

A strong performance IMO with the sound restored to that of the first set yesterday; ie before the house sound people took the decision to remove 250hz. without consulting our FOH Chris Porter. How dare they change the sound of this band! So a very good onstage sound, which supported the playing. A different timbre of setlist, which I enjoyed, and a generous audience.

Back to the hotel, dribbling and tired but in good spirit. A call to T, driving to her shows in Southampton with the SAS Band – yippee!