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Instructions called, to guide extemporizing by
The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists II

The First Call: Mother! Help! What am I doing here?

This might have been rendered: Holy Mother of God! Grant me the clarity to see what is required of me, the courage to accept what is required of me, and the capacity to discharge what is required of me, subject to thy Will and Grace.

But this is not an appeal that falls easily on contemporary ears and was presented instead in the vernacular. An added resonance to the Call: the mother of Co-Leader of Tuning The Air Jaxie was in the audience, sitting with Jaxie’s Father and two daughters.

The Second Call: So what do you understand by the word Music?

The Third Call, directed to Mr. It-Took-Him-Twenty-Years-To-Get-Here: Solo!

The Fourth Call: Tuning The Air - will you please play a sensible tune.
This was Kashmir, the finest performance by TTA I have witnessed.

At c. 15 minutes into the performance, the Fifth Call: So, who do they think they are?
Alexander work on the Outer Circle by Frank and Sandra, in polar positions, was now underway.

The Sixth Call: When ready, please - Rhythm!

The Seventh Call, by Curt, leader of TTA: Brazil.

At c. 29 minutes, the Eighth Call: May we have another proper tune from TTA.

This, a superb rendition from Shostakovich.

The Ninth Call, directed to Mr. Gnarly: Solo!
Support was provided by The Orchestra.

The Tenth Call: Now that’s a strange thing to play. (Nothing).

The Eleventh Call: Now that’s a very strange thing to play.

The Twelfth call: Tuning The Air.
Beginning at c. 45 minutes, an improv into a repertoire piece.

The Thirteenth Call, at c. 50 minutes: Will you please move to Whizz Formation.

Standing and into whizz mode, with 90 degree displacements.

With the Formation in place, the Call:

three whizzes by Group One;
four whizzes by Group Two; four whizzes by the Full Circle;
displacements of 90 degrees to the left at the end of each sequence.

The Whizz moved to take off velocity, the set ending at c. 57 minutes.


Inner Circle of 12 guitars, Outer Circle of 28 guitars
to a well-attended house.

Onstage punctually at 20.15
Thursday 29th. October, 2009;
The performance of The OCG II at Fremont Abbey, Seattle.


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