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Sunday 30 August 2020



Rising 06.45.

I Advance Masked – Day One-Hundred & Sixty Two…

 On the street to acquire T’s Sunday reading…

A report on recent arisings, for those with sufficient interest in these diarisitic and journalising witterings, since the last DGM Diary entry for Wednesday 12th. August…

Postings on Facebook have indicated several current arisings, although without much commentary.

Recent reading: my Reading Advisor, Dr. Alfonso Montuori…

… sent me  Transformative Leadership:  Alfonso Montuori and Gabrielle Donnelly

As an aside, my recent reading of academic tomes suggests that the divide between academics and practitioners is, happily, closing. Dr. Alfonso’s writing is informed both by scholarly research and Remipedial research, with a saxophone, in interesting London performance places…

As with other hints and steers from Dr. Alfonso, I went looking…

Transformative Leadership is one of the essays in the Handbook Of Personal And Organisational Transformation edited by Judi Neal. This is the most expensive current publication I have seen: £499. Very ouch. I managed to find a second hand copy of Part Two, priced at ouch. This led me on to Spiritually And Developmentally Mature Leadership, a topic of primary interest and concern. There may be leaders in the music industry who address their responsibilities as a spiritual challenge (whatever we understand by spiritual); or, at the least, leadership with an ethical orientation. But when I go out to work, they appear to be hiding from me. And everyone I know.

In the US is it acceptable, personally and professionally, to hold a faith (even, to be held by a faith). In contemporary England, to profess a faith is tantamount to holding high a banner: Spot The Loony. An alternative vocabulary is needed, if we seek to go out into the world and engage in forms of debate, and avoid dismissal as (at best) harmless and best avoided. Faith in England is best engaged quietly, below the surface, while invisibly informing our external choices, decisions and actions (an active spiritual life is almost completely about getting our hands dirty IMO).

Other recent reading…

Recent listening: Ulysses Kay, Toru Takemitsu, Beethoven String Quartets, Imogen Holst, Gerald Finzi, John Taverner, Peterisks Vasks.

Recent reflections inter alia: different leadership styles within King Crimson; the moral degeneration of Mr. SG Alder’s EG, set in motion by The Foundational Lie of Mr. Alder himself, with David Enthoven in the next room, at Sherborne House, Gloucestershire, on Sunday 22nd. February, 1976.

Available attention has been mainly focused on The Guitar Circle book, working with Editors Mariana and Jaxie to provide a final proof for checking by Mary Beth, for presenting to Roberto Duse for layout. The decision has been taken, in consultation with Declan of Panegyric Publishing, to publish in 2021 rather than the Autumn of 2021. Why? To get it right. The Panegyric/ DGM CD, vinyl and Box Set releases set a standard. That standard continues to apply, as Panegyric moves increasingly towards publishing.

I have also been engaged with the upcoming complete KC 1969 Box Set of complete recordings by the first incarnation…

A completely different point of interest: the weather over the past two weeks has been very mixed, more than I can remember. Each hour the weather changes: it rains! it shines! it clouds! it suns! it greys! Following the Chinese view of weather, perhaps a metaphor for the state of government?

Seizing a sunny moment, a morning trip down the garden, …

12.10        At my Wife’s encouragement, moving the workstation outside…