Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Friday 17 January 2003

#507, Sofitel, Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles.


#507, Sofitel, Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles.

Yes. It's that time again - battling to get online with AOL, then get e-mail while online, then stay online long enough to reply. The good news is, from several messages waiting I was able to receive one - from Vic Garbarini, stranded by a snowstorm in Nashville. Vic is wondering how & when to meet and interview in the changed conditions. But since no-one has given me a schedule of my interviewing & work in LA, I am unable to give Vic solid answers. I don't have the information.

Meanwhile, the sky is blue. Little Willcox is in the bath. Stefan Fayman, a dribbling little beast, is bringing his parents here for lunch. The problematic rattling of the air fan that kept me awake in the night is not located in this room, the maintenance man tells me, as he sets off to find the originating problem in other rooms.

Eventually, I rose at 05.08 and set off for Starbucks, clasping Ian Kershaw's Hitler: Nemesis, one of several books currently on the reading-go, to take my place among an assorted & curious bunch of customers.


Just returned from buying DAT tapes to record the upcoming interviews for the archives.

The promised package of schedule & DAT tapes had not arrived by 09.45 so I set off to acquire some. Upon my return a package from Sanctuary had been delivered at 10.15. Had Vic Garbarini been able to arrive, had we begun at 10.00, I would not have been able to record the major interview of this short tour. So, in this slightly different version of the future, from the archiving point of view, better that the interview has been delayed.

The rattle in the ventilation system continues.


Well, I now have some DAT tapes that are superfluous to requirements and an interview schedule that is useful.


Currently editing i-Tune folders with JGB and the theme of listening from Sherborne House. AOL are proving exceptionally hard to locate & engage.