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Monday 06 February 2023

That Awful Man & The Vicar- Albany 24 Sep 2022

It's Monday - so another video from the Fripp/Singleton tour. We are running through these chronologically, which brings us to Albany, a city I have always enjoyed visiting.

The first time we were there, I bought a large ceramic pot from an Arts shop, much to the amusement of everyone on the tour, who laughed and wondered how many pieces it would be in by the time I got it home to present to my wife. Pat's wife, Debs, I recall was more forgiving and, entering into the spirit, thought that the sheer impossibility of the task increased the value and intent behind the gift. An unexpected ending, as I did get it safely home, and it had pride of place in our bedroom - until our large Bernese mountain dog knocked it over with her tail one day and smashed it into many pieces!

I visited the same shop when we returned this time - but fortunately, there was nothing similar to tempt me into a repeat madness before the show on the 24th September.

Over time, we intend to upload the majority of the questions which Robert and I addressed - but this one about "resolving differences of opinion" particularly interested me. Not because of my own witterings, but Robert's insight about "sharing the same aim". The world seems filled with disputes currently - multiple strikes across numerous industries here in the UK, and a very divided political climate - and after listening to this, I questioned if they are in part so bitter because the parties, despite what they profess, do not share a common aim. 

The tour that keeps giving! Not only did I learn things while we were doing it, it's still raising questions listening back. I only hope the audiences got as much out of it as I did.