Robert plays what might be called sacred space music to a couple of hundred souls [endtease] who, at various times during the afternoon, occupied the pews of St. Peter’s Church, Newlyn. They were there to support the beneficiaries of this fund-raising concert, the Shallal Dance Theatre, who were £1,000 better off by end of the day.

For the final fifteen minutes, Robert was joined by members of the company. Trevor Lever recalls "I'm not sure how much if this - if any - was rehearsed, but it appeared that the children were responding to the music and Robert, in turn, was responding to their movements. It really worked and there was a generous and enthusiastic amount of applause at the end, including a smiling Robert from the side."

Lush and symphonic, there seems to be many connections with Robert’s past music laced throughout this concert. To these ears momentary bursts of The Heavenly Music Corporation, Exposure and Bringing Down The Light connect to the themes and moods which would form the backbone of the December Suite series of concerts. The guitarist summed the day up thus “A very attentive, engaged & present audience. This was a privileged event.” Engineer Alex “Stormy” Mundy puts it this way:” Over a hundred minutes of damned good stuff!”

Please note that there are some pop, clicks and occasional distortion caused by the recording levels being set too high and overloading the hard drive.

Robert comments “Alex has worked heroically to deal with the distortion on this recording. Perhaps there are parts to make an audiophile, one for whom timbral veracity is a necessary truth, twitch gently. But, this works well enough for me.”

AUDIO SOURCE: Direct Hard Disc



Threshold Bells I
Time Stands Still
Time Hovers I
Promenade I
Time Hovers II
Promenade II
Queer Jazz Symmetrical
Threshold Bells II
Threshold Future Shift
At The End Of Time
Threshold Shallal
Shallal I
Shallal II
Shallal III
Shallal Coda

RF20051203Newlyn3 - Robert Fripp

RF20051203Newlyn1 - Robert Fripp

RF20051203Newlyn2 - Robert Fripp

RF20051203Newlyn6 - Robert Fripp

RF20051203Newlyn5 - Robert Fripp

RF20051203Newlyn4 - Robert Fripp

Written by Rafał Kosim
Pure heaven
It occurs to me that big number of soundscapes available are essential - and this one is no exception! Listening to the first set is like flying in the sky accompanied by beautiful , colorful clouds. Layers of sound-clouds coming and going, washing over my spirit in this wonderful place where time stands still, with emotions changing as the weather does, though connected to the unchangeable sky-space at the same time. I would rather call the first part delicate and ruminative.The second set is different, beginning with dark, ambiguous, ironic and angry Queer Jazz. But my absolutely favorite one here is At The End Of Time. It is hard to find words to describe this one which is very intense, beginning with a blissful and sad loop (At The Same Time), and continuing with a very yearning soloing which always brings tears to my eyes. It is like coping with loss, deep pain, and letting go of it... and then all suffering dissolves in an additional sonic layers added, overwhelming the listener in total bliss. Heh, I wonder why this piece was not mentioned in the review, which is usually the case with such killers, but maybe it is just me... anyway, this one(gig) has proven to be very helpful and life-enhancing for me, and I wish the same to  all the other ones who are going to buy it!
Written by Bruce Tutcher
The Joy
People have noted that the audio quality of this recording is not perfect. I feel fortunate that I am more of a musicophile than an audiophile. I have minor hearing problems: people are always re-adjusting my equalizer as the settings that work for me make them twinge - not so much the volume as the combination of sound elements is always the issue. I believe this helps me hear  Mr. Fripp’s sounds in a fresh way. This recording is simply one of my favorites. Not only it’s length, allowing the soul to change planes frequently and freely, but also it’s sheer number of gates. Music of great character "expands and narrows" apertures for the soul’s development, seemingly simultaneously. Especially when being in a physically relaxed intention, and using this album for dream work, many wonderful visions abound. 
Written by Paul McMullen
RF Newlyn 2005
  Well,I have just downloaded this and I chose to sit for my "first- a-listening"- in the garden, with the sun shining between intermittent showers, to what the brothers (and sisters?) in Oregon had sent me via Fripp world central or whatever the hell you call it, only less than a hundred miles from where I now is-a-breathing. (that is Old Hampshire UK.)  Holy Moses ! The very birds started accumulating rythmns I had so far been unaccustommed to knowing. The tractors in the field, all those dreary engines of oblivion, turned off their noise just to be knowing, that is, I should more properly say, COGNIZANT, of the FRIPP. The holy master of the guitar....what ?..........the guitar? that a guitar...?    .no way Jose !   Can that sound really come from a fretbord engineered by the working of a human hand....?     No way Jose..!!!! This is the sound of a new millenium... Listen and be realised...! You will know what it is you need to know, You will know what it is you have lacked the knowing of;the confluence of millenia of strivings. You will know what it is that has engendered all your misgivings..., You will know that in your heart there is a space that can experience knowledge free from the pressure of another. If You have been seeking, this is the music for you. Melt and be supported. Alternatively, if you like something with more of a beat, try Kevin Ayres.......equally unsurpassable......
Written by Louie Bourland
A Beautiful Beginning To The December Suite!!!
Robert Fripp’s December Suite series of Soundscape performances begins with this, the very first gig from December 3rd 2005 in St. Peter’s Church in Newlyn UK. For this performance, Fripp was the main and only act (unlike the shorter performances while opening for the band Porcupine Tree) which means that the music is allowed to stretch into slow, breathing atmospheres with plenty of meditative space. This concert is similar to the shorter performances previously heard in the December Suite. Both "Time Stands Still" and "At The End Of Time" are heard here with slightly different variations with the latter piece running at an epic 17-minutes. Elsewhere are lush ambient pieces including the two "Time Hovers" and "Promenades" which follow. The "Shallal" suite which closes the concert is a beautiful minimalist work that weaves in and out of a slow waltzing bell-like rhythm. With this said, Robert Fripp’s Newlyn Soundscapes are 105-minutes worth of exciting and intruiguing music. It is as lush and haunting as it is beautiful. It also should be noted that the distortions heard occasionally throughout the recording are not noticable enough to make someone jump out of their chair and demand a refund. If anything, the occasional blurps in the sound quality add to the live nature of the performance. The final verdict? This is one of the best Fripp Soundscapes I have ever heard. It’s up there with the WFC 2000 and the most recent Broad Chalke soundscapes. Robert Fripp at his very best, honestly