07 July 2018

Breakfasting Trough, Hotel Posh, Stockholm.


Rising c. 07.25. A little packing and down to the trough.


David Singleton has sent me an enquiry re: a YouTube link to an interview / performance. Do I know who-where-when? While checking the link, I scrolled down the public comments. The following are only a selection.

Jym E. Changa:
pretentious bore

Urine Denial:
he probably has an anxiety disorder. I've struggled with anxiety in the past and it tends to wind you up like this.

Pete Marr:
Robert.. Just get to the point and stop being a pretentious so and so ;)

I didn't know Robert Fripp had bouts with mental illness. But after watching this interview, it seems true. In a lot of his performances he's sitting back in the shadows away from the audience. This is indicative of a severe anxiety disorder. It is possible to learn "too much music". You can become obsessed and drive yourself crazy! The rest of life can pass you by. And Fripp admits that. If you look at the greatest musicians in history, most of them were friggin' nuts! 

Tim Bender:
What the fuck is he even talking about half of the time...

A bit of a pretentious cunt. Brilliant musician, written some fantastic music, but al a pretentious cunt. I bet Jimmy Page never felt like a humiliated Turkey out front of Zeppelin. What the hell is the point of feeling humiliated playing livev

LOL, you call a man whose best known song "21st Century Schizoid Man" a cunt for not wanting to play live. Fripp's bouts with mental illness are quite well documented. Jimmy Page didn't break up his band in 1974 to go to a mental bootcamp.

Also, Fripp obviously has social anxiety and there are many stories of his outlandish antics. A simple Google search will suffice. Don't challenge me on Fripp, dude. Just don't.

mehoff jack:
fripps pretty awesome but the mental masterbation...hmmm

Andrew Burke:
Yes he is pretentious. He constantly says really really obvious things in a round about over the top way.

Yes, but admit it... you cannot help but watch his videos because he's an interesting and very entertaining pretentious douche.

Forrest Hall:
Fripp is an ass. He is so pretentious. His late work is a complete rip off of Brian Enos ambient works. Paul Gilbert can sweep him under the rug and he much more genuine, Fripp is a douche.

Christopher Sikora:
what a crazy fucking dude

I love King Crimson and grew up listening to Lizard, Court of the Crimson King etc but in this and other interviews he seems to come across as rather sanctimonious or pretentious. He should chill the fuck out and just play the music he loves to play. All this, almost Freudian analysis on being a classical / rock or whatever musician is just bollocks. Fripp is a virtuoso and he shouldn't need to justify it, just fucking play it.

Ryan Patrick:
This guy trying to act smart and sophisticated while he writes shitty songs like Starless where he strums one note the whole song. What a fag, get a life Fripp

Flux Mulder:
Holy fuck this guy is full of himself. What bullshit… LOL. Unbelievable. You aren't curing cancer, douchebag, you're playing music on your guitar.

As mush as I love Fripp, he doesn't half talk some shite!

I love Fripp and love King Crimson. Just love them. But this guy is easily the most pretentious musician I've ever seen or heard, and that's saying something.

Wow, do you have some nice Fripp statuary at your home? Ridiculous. He doesn't transcend anything. In fact, he belittles human ingenuity in a fraudulent effort to elevate himself above others. He's pretentious, and boorish. There's more energy at work in his brain than from any mystic resources, but it would make him "average" if he perceived it that way, wouldn't it? This guy is a scaled down megalomaniac shaman with delusions of grandeur.

Tunde Fernandez:
Most people here are sucking his dick. I ain't. He openly states his view as a musician. Watching this vid again, he does sound like he has a dick up his ass, but the words he actually says are interesting, honest and pretty modest. Use your sense, man.

Elliot Sneddon:
Sounds like a West Country accent to me, which is the South East of England.

this guy is SO up himself... For a bunch of pentatonic solos passed through 48 effects pedal...

to be fair, he's probably more bat shit crazy than pretentious.

Yeah he`s stuck up his own ares. But i`ll love him always for recording the "Exposure" album.

I love his music... but oh, GOD, the pretension! And the talking! Saw him on a recent tour and he spent ~10% of his stage time reading a local newspaper to us!

As a psychologist, I can tell you that he does not meet the criteria for AS. I will give you that he is a little "off". But most of the greats are, aren't they?

I think "Asperger's" the term nowadays. Not that it matters.

My two favourites from the above are…

Elliot Sneddon:
Sounds like a West Country accent to me, which is the South East of England.

RF: Wimborne is quite close to Folkestone and Dover, as Chicago is West Coast by its proximity to Seattle.

Ryan Patrick:
This guy trying to act smart and sophisticated while he writes shitty songs like Starless where he strums one note the whole song. What a fag, get a life Fripp

RF: The “one-note” guitar climbing sequence in Starless is viewed by Steven Wilson as The Death Of Prog guitar solo. And, conventionally, strumming is a term used when picking covers a span of more than one or two strings, often six.

Van call for 10.45. Stockholm Airport > Oslo.

22.56 Hotel It Is Dismally Professional.

Or should that be Hotel It Is Professionally Dismal?

A straightforward flight to our modest accomodations. Now in my fourth room - their “business room” had no desks. No desk! Nowhere to put a computer! For four nights! The room I accepted was speedily brought a desk and chair.

Practising underway.