Saturday 18 February 2006

The Basement, Chateau Belewbeloid.


Shock! Terror! Fear! It is snowing in Nashville. Not enough to make an Englishman twitch, but rather to bring him out to enjoy the forgiving beauty a white blanket confers upon lesser delights of the eye. Enough, though, to send most of this area’s drivers into destabilisation mode.

It’s colder out there…

… than in here…

11.58       An adventure in hire car…

… to collect stagewear laundry…

… from friendly laundry-service provider…

… at Happy Gigster Approved laundry facility…

… the only laundry provider I know, in the world, that can apply heavy starch.

On Thursday I dropped off the laundry and collected some starched jeans that had been hanging, waiting for me, for about a year. My laundry-service provider informed me, then, that he had told other staff – Hey! he lives in England. He’ll be back. And so I was, to validate his claim. This morning my provider was bewailing that most contemporary service providers took little care in their work, and we agreed the value of people taking care in their work.

Then back to Chateau Belew…

… where Ade had come up with a new approach to his V-Drumming…

… and other possibilities for Fripp & Adrian

17.55       John Sinks and Ken Latchney arrived to complete the setting-up around noon, and playing began around 13.30.

Lotsa fun, very exciting, and the sense of something new coming online. Martha came down to listen, and was also impressed with how much noise two people can make. Ade and Martha have gone upstairs; Ken and John have just left.

Fripp & Adrian

Fripp & Adrian Rule!…

22.22     An early-evening drive around the environs, back to practising. Dribble.