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Sunday 27 August 2017



The sun is shining here in Middle England. Out there in Radioland…

… and on Facebook there seems to be more heat than light, even a measure of trolling around. I have read comments that are insightful, many that are rude, some dopey, some clueless-and-slightly-black to the eyes of a party with inside knowledge. There are also very funny postings, perhaps not intentionally so. This is a hoot…

Baribrotzer: I know a guy who has worked with him (although not for a long period), and he said that Fripp is much more pleasant and easier to get along with than his reputation would suggest.

Damned with faint praise? The guy who Mr. Baribrotzer knows should stick around a while longer.

Where to begin with all of this? On the RF Facebook page…

Brian Paul: Fripp, you're annoyed Adrian is taking jabs at you? You don't understand how he feels after what happened? Try putting yourself in his shoes. I used to look up to you as a great musician, but if that's how you treat a friend and colleague of so many years, perhaps you should examine your own conclusions.

RF: What leads Mr. Paul to the conclusion that Fripp is "annoyed Adrian is taking jabs at" him? Fripp posted the link, after all, and restored Mr. Paul's comment from the Spam folder.

This is not a rhetorical question to Mr. Paul, rather an invitation to dis-entrollate and take his argument further. What leads Mr. Paul to the conclusion that Fripp is "annoyed Adrian is taking jabs at" him? I don’t assume that Mr. Paul has much familiarity with public dissension and disagreement over the past, say, two decades; but readers of Elephant Talk may recall a readiness to debate views-to-the-contrary.

Try putting yourself in his shoes… this is excellent advice, an approach already adopted prior to Mr. Paul’s advice. Adrian has provided the answer on his own Facebook page…

Adrian Belew Pat Guerre I'm really glad she saw the trio live. that is who I am.
June 23 at 4:07pm

I used to look up to you as a great musician… probably not a good way forward for either Mr. Paul or myself.

Kim Fyson I am always suspicious when people write about themselves in the third person. There is something not quite right about how they relate to the world...

I support and encourage healthy scepticism, although I’m not sure suspiciousness is a character trait worth cultivating. Part of my personal practice, now for forty years, has been to divide part of my attention between the animal I live inside, and who lives inside it. Were Mr. Fyson to have, say, 12-14 years of experience with this, then maybe we could share notes. But, regardless, there is no doubt that how Fripp relates to the world is deeply suspicious, this a claim not to be approached with scepticism.

ThomasKDye: ...I'm honestly surprised anyone's able to stomach working with Fripp for as long as they do. For all the complaining people make about the dysfunctionality of Yes (and it's dysfunctional, I know) KC has got to be one messed up affair from the get-go.

Yeah, pretty much. Although I’m not sure Mr. Dye’s comment in intended to express sympathy for me, dealing with 44 years of grief, animosity and brouhaha.

Progressive Ears is always informative…

The Crimson King 
If Belew isn't in it, it's not the best incarnation. He was by far the most creative (and arguably the best) musician they ever had, as well as an incredible song writer. Plus the current KC is saddled with its worst singer since Gordon Haskell. (No offense, Jakko. I like you, but you're more of a guitar player than a singer.)

Jakko e-mailed me this: he didn’t take offense.

A few weeks ago a question was asked: why publish negative posts? This was my immediate response…

Why publish negative posts?

We are held accountable for our actions.
We are held publicly accountable for our actions in public.

To hold up a mirror.

It is easier to receive clear feedback from our enemies than our friends;
wishing that both our enemies and our friends be impartial:
ie to see ourselves as others see us.

To know directly the poverty of our being.

To demonstrate that our actions have effect;
even where these appear to be small;
and we believe will make no difference.

Feeling ashamed: this is one of the levels of accepting – I have acted like a jerk.
A profound and potentially transformative response is Remorse Of Conscience.
This opens a door which we might look at for years, absent the key.

15.20 I very much enjoyed the Gizmodrome guerrilla pop-up performances in NYC, with Adrian and Stewart rocking out. Great to see exceptional players with long and honourable pedigrees having so much fun. I’ve just watched their interview on the Jim and Sam Show, and I don’t envy Adrian's position here…

Ade presents his view at 17’22”.

Despite all the commentaries and postings, the two direct matters referred to…
appear not yet to have been addressed: why Adrian wants a global prohibition on KC performing song-material from his time with KC; and, the basis on which Martha and Adrian would want the others players paid as sidemen, were Adrian to be in the current KC.

My view: the first is unreasonable, the second inequitable.

it's sad, sad, sad that this dispute is happening in the open - that said, fripp has stayed pretty quiet on the topic until recently and that seems to have been spurred on by Adrian talking about the split and how he was "kicked out". 

Very sad.

From David’s e-mail to Adrian on Sunday 25th. June, 2017…

I fear that your Facebook post may already have set this on a more public path…

Michael Thiel … Mr. Singleton’s mail is a wonderful example of a reasonable argument, as it gives rise to the hope that this issue can be solved in a civilized manner.

Adrian on his Facebook page for 4th. August…

Adrian Belew: I asked them not to do anything I wrote. it was a gentleman's agreement.
August 4 at 6:52pm

Where is the good news, on this wonderful Bank Holiday Sunday? Adrian has won an Oscar, and is in two stomping bands. Robert is in one group, and that’s a stomper too.