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Tuesday 12 June 2018

Hotel Acceptable, Poznan.


Just back with Mr. Bill, Toby and David from the KC Family & Friends Performance at the Aulis Artis Centre.

The third piece into the first set, was an utter train wreck: I have the lead line in a new addition to the Lizard Suite - Bolero. I play Robin Miller’s oboe line, a distinguished musical contribution in Crim World. To get the octave up, I use a Digitech whammy-pedal. Except it malfunctioned. It has never done this before. Something close to a semitone off. So, playing almost-major-sevenths from the guitar. Awful. Everything pretty much collapsed around it.

Then the next piece in the Suite, Dawn Song, on the keyboard: another oboe line, but with an oboe sound. For some reason, chimes used on the Entry Soundscapes from another app, were duetting with the oboe, and not quite on the same pitch.

Quite awful.

But we kinda recovered. Fracture as the last piece of the first set was honourable, although with some staggering new harmonies from me, but I kept going.

The second set was honourable.

So, our F&F did what it's supposed to do, easing and transitioning us into performing before an audience in a relationship mediated by commerce; ie a paying public.

Tonight’s audience of perhaps sixty or so, were generous. A good proportion were Crafties and it did occur to me whether one or two had continued the Guitar Craft Level One convention of assisting the new students’ performance by modifying their stage settings: removing a chair or two, perhaps unplugging an amplifier, re-tuning a string. Hey! let’s help Robert by changing his oboe pitch to major sevenths! And blending oboe and chimes – that’s a winner, too!

David Singleton thought the performance good - after Bolero. Tomorrow is the first public view; and we've learnt a lot.

Into the Crimson Zone…



Larks’ Tongues In Aspic Part V has returned to its original title from the nom de guerre of Level Five; adopted to unseat expectation. Alternatively expressed, to unseat the hold of Monkey Mind.