Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Saturday 15 February 2003

Mount Juliet.


It rains. The sky is grey. The power supply for my active speakers, driven by this G4, is in the missing Unhappy Gigster's Travel Pro wheelie. United tell me that 97% of missing bags are located within 48 hours & that there is a world search on for my missing bag.


From an e-letter to a Crafty --

thank you for your news. health comes before all other matters. and perhaps try a dose of mozart's chamber music? the flute quartets are astonishingly clean & support our cleansing. the flute quartet in G is currently vibrating away as i type this!

GC courses are pressure cookers: they focus a small lifetime in a small lifetime, except that by referring to the calendar we discover the past year of our life flew by in a week!

one of the advantages of finding ourselves in compressed situations with other people is to better discover our mechanical functioning. in our normal, daily lives, we can often escape from the frictions & difficulties that bring us up against various contradictions in how we believe ourselves to be.

for example, emotionally, GC courses can be very hard. some of us, often through suffering inappropriate & perhaps improper experiences in our early lives, have greater emotional fragilities than others. this is not a reflection on who we are as much as what we are. if my legs have been broken, i may not choose to undertake marathon running as a way of life. perhaps walking is sufficient exercise for me.

no blame: this is what it is. the cards are dealt, we play the game as honourably as we may. and help is at least as available to us as we are to receiving it.

Part of my work this morning has been signing posters. Autography rampant. Writing letters to characters with genuine concerns seems a much better use of my energies. Although perhaps a French journalist might take a different view.