Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Wednesday 22 January 2003

Los Molinos.


Hooray! My suitcase arrived at the front door two hours ago. I am now warmer, with fleece & thermal vest, and with clean socks. My razor arrived as well. My night was mainly sleepless & I rose at 12.45. Spent this afternoon gently arriving with borrowed guitar & catching up with old GC compadres.

The house is filling rapidly, and many of the very first Crafties are here: Curt Golden & Claude Gillet from the very first GC course, Tony Geballe from the second, several others from the first year and the Red Lion House. Altogether, we are now anticipating the arrival of 14 for the Level One, 15 for the Level Two, plus 37 Kitchen Team & Lifers, with 14 staff. There are 4 guests and 17 participating at a distance.

Hernan & The Team have been tuning the house, re-vibrating tables & chairs so that everyone has room to eat together in the dining room. This is a good house for a course of 30 people, perhaps 40 or so. It will become a good house for 84 of us. Quiet, and perhaps even silence, has been visiting.


The food for dinner was very much like the food served for lunch, although served in peppers rather than soup bowls. Frank Sheldon, at the head of the line, commented "old wine in new bottles". Old wine with cabbage, then. Dessert was very close to crème caramel, but with strawberry sauce. Very tasty.

Arrivals continue to arrive, the Europa String Choir among them. Caliope resonates from the dining room through to my luxury quarters: cold, but with my own en suite toilet & shower. Almost the Ritz at Los Molinos.


Martin & Hernan have visited. We discussed GC possibilities in Argentina & the Italian member of the Level One who last January in Sassoferrato bootlegged much of the course, in good quality digital. That Level One marked a transition, and a change in strategy for beginning courses in Guitar Craft. Such a high proportion of participants were clueless, and willfully clueless, that we decided to insert a filter to full Level One. This is the Introduction To Guitar Craft courses. Most of the cluelessness last year was a result of drug use.

If anyone needs to have it explained why surreptitious recording of personal meetings, discussions, performances & encounters is not appropriate, then conscience is not quite activated; and Guitar Craft may not be the place for you. Alternatively, I don't know a better.