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Monday 30 January 2023

Welcome to 2023

The devil bug is finally in retreat! (I trust). The last few weeks have been something of a trial. In common with just about everyone else, it would appear, I have had a cold/cough that seemed impossible to shake off.

But things are finally looking up – and I have begun to move beyond my ‘inbox” to matters beyond. First up, there is another video from the Fripp/Singleton speaking tour last autumn. It has been fascinating to begin watching these and revisiting the tour. Difficult to get a sense of these things at the time, particularly when you are on the stage wondering what wild question is going to be asked yet – with Robert with a smile on his face, and asking “What do you think David?!”

So what else is on the “to do” list? Before Christmas, I completed a surround sound mix of Summers & Fripp “I Advance Masked”. We thought that revisiting “Bewitched” was not possible, as the multitrack tapes have long been missing. But Andy is hopeful that he may have found them. So there may be more to follow.

And then a surround mix of “Sunday All Over the World” based on the recent new mixes by Paul Stacey.

And now that energy has returned, The Vicar beckons. The third book, which went on sale during our speaking tour, needs to be made available on Amazon and via the DGM stores, the second album needs doing, and the fourth book needs writing.

Oh. And then there’s the DGM companion to 1969…

Welcome to 2023.