I was never too found of seeing old bands come back. It proves to be from ok gig to real disaster. The VDGG 2005 original band concert being an exemple of an OK night and the rest as a trio (since then) prove to be a disaster. So i decided not to go to KC gigs in Montreal. On the end of the first concert my old musical friend from the 70's phones me and makes me listen on the phone to Starless. Then he phones me back, on the following day to say : “You must not miss this show”. After hesitations, but he is very convincing,and with the fatal argument that Mel Collins was on that band (which was a dream of me seeing him with KC) i decided i would go out from my retreat and the writing of the play i am working on and go to the gig. Of course paying around a hundred box for a concert when we used to pay 5 dollars in the 70's is a real bad start. I am on the last row of the balcony. In France the actors calls that “ Paradise” (aka the famous movie : Les enfants du Paradis by Marcel Carné).The gig was fantastic , the only weak point is the voice of that singer, the rest blew my mind and Mel was divine. It ended up me dancing behind my seat to the last songs of the concert. Going out i decided that this gig would be my last Rock and Roll gig of my life as i couldn't go higher and couldn't be more excited by any rock band in this world.(of course if they come back i will go)