While this is my first King Crimson concert and my 2nd concert in my lifetime. I was surprised how the current incarnation of KC were able to preform both old & new King Crimson songs in a professional yet entertaining manner. Yet I was disappointed when Fripp left the concert before playing 21st century schizoid man due to a conflict with Fripp and another audience member taking flash photography during the show. (When it was clearly stated against the rules.) But Fripp's handling of the manner was unprofessional and childish. Overall I hope this isn't the last time King Crimson will preform in Toronto. I enjoyed the show as a whole and even my mother enjoyed the show who attended with me as well. (And keep in mind that she has never listened to King Crimson.) I just hope that Fripp can handle matters like the Flash Photography incident professionally instead of bursting out the stage confusing the rest of the audience.