King Crimson entered the band
From Robert Fripp's diary: First set one hour and three minutes. Overall: two...
Very hot and sweaty...
Robert Fripp's diary for the first public performance of the KC Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Tour has just been...
1 of 50
Yesterday, in Leipzig, the King Crimson Friends & Family performance was the first of 50 King Crimson performances throughout 2019! Read Robert Fripp's diary for this...
Rehearsals Have Began
From Robert Fripp's facebook, images from the King Crimson Zone in Leipzig.
Dance In The Hurricane
Today, on Robert's diary, The Fripcoxes at play in the garden & "The shared-meme...
Red Creek Inn 1st Show
“There is, of course, a tradition that when a band comes on stage that good-humoured and well...
JB Scotts
“Good evening. Welcome to the League of Gentlemen. We are a dance band. There is a dance floor....
Fast Lane
“Welcome to the League Of Gentlemen,” says Fripp but not quite. Before he can get to the end of...
Robert Fripp
World Financial Center, New York
The Sheltering Scape
Alex ‘Stormy’ Mundy has been experimenting with another bit of xenochrony as he folds different...
Le Pretzel En Chaine
“Good evening and welcome to those of you out there in Radioland to an evening of live music,...

King Crimson
Sid Smith takes a look at the Crim controversy around the band's third studio album.
Robert Fripp's Diary
Sunday 6th March, 2016;         14.57Bredonborough.So, what to say?For much of my professional life, I have spent more time talking about playing than actually playing...