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Tuesday 12 May 2020



Rising 06.30.

Morning Sitting in the Home Study. Morning reading and writing…


Performance integrity and constraints on performance: eg performance conventions and expectation.

Develop a more useful term than progress: as in a developing musical intelligence, instrumental skills, and emotional/interpretive depth. This, also in terms of various KC members. Where a member has been content at/with their performance level, how this contributed to distancing/disappointment/surprise with the eventual repercussions.

Quality and excellence: how to differentiate and translate into Spanish?

11.12 Down the garden…

19.05 E-furyising. An impossible task: send out one, two come back. Endlessness. Overwhelmingness.

To the Cellar for afternoon practising.

Visiting various possible Quiet Moments. Most sound files are dated, which allows me to access DGM Diaries for the performance day. One particular performance date is eluding me. However, looking at the US Soundscapes tour of June 2005, supporting Porcupine Tree, I came across this entry from Monday 13th. June, 2005 at the House Of Blues, San Diego.

Sid Smith has sent me this...

Having read through every single review of the G3 gig this much I now Know: 

a) you are an old man
b) my sister could play better than you
c) you're not worthy to be on the same stage as . . .
d) you're rude
e) you ruined my night
f) you ruined my G3 poster with your stupid face!
g) you deserve to be bitch slapped
h) playing one note for five minutes isn't how to play guitar
i) you should be running around stage and rocking on like Joe and Steve
j) what gves with the whale sounds dude?
k) I thought you were the guitar tech
l) you should be sitting out front so people can see you
m) Joe and Steve should get someone who can actually play guitar next time
n) you might have been good once but that was years ago
o) you should do more King Crimson numbers
p) you don't do yourself any favours stuck in the corner of the stage
q) if you're too shy to be on stage then you should quit
r) you're a disgrace
s) a guitar shouldn't be made to sound like a keyboard!
t) your set at 40 minutes is soooo boring and toooo long
u) your set at 30 minutes is sooo boring and toooo long
v) your set at 20 minutes is sooo boring and toooo long
w) I missed your set but from what I've read that was probably a lucky break
x) hey you actually shred in the jam!
y) we can't hear you in the jam cos the mix is too low!
y) it's a real slap in the face that we pay this much money and can'tactually see you playing
z) you are the old dude who looks like Harold Bishop but can really shred it up.

That about sums up RF as the third G on the G3 2004 tours of Europe and the US. By all-and-any conventional reckoning, Fripp on this tour was an utter, dismal and all-encompassing failure.

Now, to water the tomatoes.

19.55 I Advance Masked – Day Fifty-Two…

The street…