21 July 2018

Hotel Vulgar-Posh But Acceptable, Rome.


Rising c. 08.28 in Hotel It-Should-Be-Wonderful But It Is Dismally Strange, Naples. Down to a modest trough in the acceptable courtyard surroundings…

Pre-loved cutlery waiting…

A brief catching-up with David Singleton on KC’s move towards innocent ears. In Pompeii, David reports, a large percentage of the audience was young couples; and older men were also with wives. My own sense and feel of our two audiences: a large proportion seeing KC for the first time, a larger proportion seeing this incarnation for the first time.

A comment to David: this KC has moved out of the Prog Ghetto. What is the nature of that Ghetto?

Toxicity & Despondency Alert: visit Progressive Ears. No URL provided, as I do not recommend this to anyone other than a researcher into the nature of Monkey Mind and Basement Dwelling - Your life and motivations I understand! I express my opinions with nastiness, unkindness and hostility! These are not opinions – I know and I am right! I am not a troll!

The generous, rich and embracing Now, a Friend lovingly wishing to give itself away, remains available. But, viewed through the prism of a tightly-gripped narrow past, continues on but just outside our reach.

(An aside to the practitioner: this was necessary research and work for me over a considerable period of time).

How might we refer to KC and its music today? As much as I dislike KC being defined, contained and imprisoned within the Progressive category, I can understand this as an historical description. Prog is a term I detest. KC originated as part of the Progressive movement of players and bands; that movement ran its course and King Crimson continued, with its own rhythm. KC has never been Prog. David commented that his children struggle to describe KC to their friends, mostly KC innocents, and use the term jazz rock. Perhaps this conveys one of the Crimson flavours on offer, but it is not the full palette. So, for those who need a category to aid their listening, what? I suggest: King Crimson. Characteristics are energy, intensity, eclecticism.

But there is far more to King Crimson than this. KC is not only a band, clearly so, as there have been nine-ish incarnations. KC is a way of doing things, and its business aims must necessarily reflect its musical aims: a harmony of elements, in tune, in time and in timbre.

DGM is a necessary vehicle for KC to step out into the world; it took twenty-one years of constructing to be where we are; and we are exceptionally fortunate to have David Singleton as our manager. David is the first manager I have had whose primary aim is to promote the overall best interests of his artist/s; this above and before his own narrowly defined self-interest.

The aim, simply expressed: to be True.

Musical, business and ethical aims are incorporated and integrated within DGM and KC. Is this a model for others? Only if you are able to take on the deep grief that comes with it.

There is more to King Crimson even than this. The comments of a few audients, reported publicly and personally, suggest to me that this other aspect of KC is being recognized. I could suggest a form of words for this, words from long experience in the Court. But perhaps more useful, a personal comment: I am myself moved by what acts in and through this band; grateful to be around when Music whispers in our ears; gently noting that, on occasion what is behind Music accompanies it.

From the DGM Breakfast Meeting, packing and onto the late-arriving CrimBus, delayed in Neapolitan traffic. Eventually setting off c. 11.55. Sitting immediately behind the driver, I felt that we were interrupting his telephone conversations, occupying most of the first ten minutes of our journeying to Rome. When it was politely suggested to him, by Mr. Bill, that loud conversing prevented a traveller sleeping, telephony came to an end. But fiddling with the ‘phone did not…

Nevertheless we arrived safely, albeit with a drive around the block, c. 16.00. Down to Bar Vulgar-Posh for coffee, finding a meeting underway with Mr. Bill, David Singleton and Chris Porter.

It is hot. I am tired. But guitar practicing is ahead this evening. Also a consideration of the setlists in Rome: we have a hard curfew after two hours and forty minutes of performance.

23.36 Practising done. Off to NightWorld.