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Tuesday 10 January 2017




Morning reading…


Rising to a grey day in our crumbling office. This year, part of the larger movement of future-embracing-present, DGM will be moving from these premises and following the Fripcoxes to Middle England, where we have lived since 2001. The Singletons have had some adventures in selling/buying homes: straightforwardness is a quality, and a virtue seemingly in short supply. But goodness and hooray! have appeared. The new Chez Singleton is a late-Georgian property in a time and place of its own behind a high wall in the centre of town; which I pointed out to David, while perambulating Bredonborough some ten or twelve years ago, with the comment: that’ll be on the market sooner of later. Contracts exchange in two weeks and the Singletons move from this Wiltshire country road at the end of February, and the two equal-sharing partners of DGM will live within two hundred yards of each other for the first time since 1999.

Difficult to convey my good fortune in having David as a partner: he has a finer intellect, higher intelligence and practical skill-set than me; impeccable discrimination in judging rightness and right action, embodying The Ethical Person. When we are together, ideas appear and action fires up. So, good to be geographically close very soon.

The MinxWife and me moved to Broad Chalke on December 18th. 1987, in 1999 went to Evershot, West Dorset, and onto Bredonborough in 2001. Which is when my life began again; and began-again again in 2012 as the repercussions of twenty–one years Endless Grief settled and this seeing of KC presented itself in 2013. King Crimson is personally and musically better-balanced than in any of its incarnations, with a wider-available timbral-palette live than any and, given the ages of the Crim Brothers, an astonishing degree of experience.

King Crimson has never been much fun for me: the responsibility to honour the founding-impulse, personal difficulties (now merely ongoing-resentments from some former Crims), the exhausting grind of touring life, the permeating dishonesty and exploitation of the music industry – there is no end to this until our world flies backwards.

David Singleton now manages King Crimson: the finest manager I have ever known. David does not want to manage the group; a clear testament to his intelligence. DGM is busier than it has been for twenty years, and it has been busy during those years.

The beginning-again continues continuing.

10.46 The top three postings on the DGM Guestbook this morning…

RF, is there any possibility…
Mr. Fripp, could you be so kind to… 
Would it be too much to ask for…

Mr. Stormy is at work in DGM SoundWorld I archiving The League Of Gentlemen…

17.20 Kitchen Meeting…

with David at 11.00. Subjects addressed: stuff to be signed; the position of David as KC Ninth Man, KC touring…


To Crimson Guitars in Piddlehinton c. 14.15, the last four miles behind a tractor. Such is part of a rural life, one that I knew as a boy and young man, disappearing along with increasing UK urbanisation.

Returning to DGM HQ and accounts, stuff, an evening computing ahead. I can stay on top of my affairs providing I don’t pick up a guitar. E-mails are waiting impatiently in the inbox, accrued from last year’s touring.