Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Sunday 02 December 2018

Hotel Dismal, Sapporo.

Rising c. 07.16, down to the industrial scale canteen that is our breakfasting trough.

The hotel has been re-graded from modest to dismal accordingly. How do I know – for a certainty! - that the owners/managers do not stay here in their hotel? David Singleton is here with the band. Messrs. Alder & Fenwick, the Good Guys That You Can Trust! of EG Management, would not have been. Neither in the city, nor even the country.

The foods are similar to what can be found in Germany: meat is helpfully added to various, otherwise vegetarian, provisions. Miso soup – with pork and vegetables! Corn soup - chicken included! Our promoter’s hotel-budget is likely being equilibrated, given the wonder that was Tokyo.

A call to T, driving from Guildford and her show with the SAS Band, to Newquay and a Willcox family Seasonal visiting.


23.26     First van to venue at 13.00.

Soundcheck 15.00. Bellscapes are developing further from the English Church.

Meeting the Royal Package at 16.00.

Onstage at 18.00. First set one hour and four minutes; overall performance two hours and fifty minutes, allowing for curfew.

A strong performance IMO to an excellent audience. The house appeared fairly full, although capacity was c. 55%. Oh! Japanese audiences are a joy for this working player.

Back to the hotel and packing bags for collection c. 23.30 and driving to the next hotel. This is part of the Japanese approach to touring: ordered, reliable. The bags will be waiting for us in our next hotel room.

A call to T, at lunch in Cornwall with Sister Nicola. Yippee!