Friday 21 April 2017

Breakfasting Trough, Hotel Acceptable, Bedford.


Rising at 06.30 from a night where two currently present-arisings have been hovering. And down to breakfast, accepting with regret that it is not possible for me to carry forward all those who, in the past, I am likely to have attempted to do so.

I hesitate to judge; acknowledging that in the clearly perceived faults of others I am recognising my own. How to distinguish between the dependent, and the parasitic; the incorrigible, and those with a sincere wish to be who they already are, rather than continue on as what they are?

Where someone comes to me with a question, along the lines of - What do you see in me? – an answer is legitimately given. Otherwise, difficult to proceed where a Blind Spot obscures a clear view of conduct, continuing over decades. And this is where I find myself, in two current situations.

So, what is needed? Impartiality, discrimination and love. I hesitate to use the word Love. This is too big for me. So, instead I use the lower case, in the sense of a primary attribute of the capitalisation: acceptance. I accept that two people are as they are, and that I have a choice: to continue to engage, or otherwise.

If otherwise, then how to dis-engage? Clean, clear and positively.

Morning reading: Dr. Anthony Hodgson’s Cosmic Ecology…

Morning listening: moving along from two days of Schoenberg (often a bracing beginning of an auditory day) to Brahms’ String Sextets, Quintets and Quartets.

And now to dealing with actuality of otherwise.

08.33 To David Singleton…

so, let us accept: we do difficult, we do hard, we don't do Endless Grief.

life is very good, and getting much better than that;
all this while the world seems to be falling apart around us.

so, i suggest we focus on what is possible for us, and achieve the best that we may;
and let fall away that which is impossible for us to remedy.

20.07 A good day at King Crimson Radical Action Rehearsals.

Chris Porter is preparing for our Friends & Family Performance tomorrow...

Rehearsing a one-set performance before Mel had to leave at noon…



Continuing with the development of two new Drumson Wernings…



Then the two keyboardists fine-tuning, the Jakko making an enjoyable racket with his new box of wonders, then back to the Drumsons.

This King Crimson is currently not so much The Double Quartet as The Three Over Five Formation. Or perhaps The Five Over Three Formation. Probably, both.

Returning to the hotel with Mr. Bill at c. 16.55. Guitar now around neck…

22.04 Guitar off neck.