Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Friday 14 February 2003

Chez Belewbeloid, Mount Juliet.


Rising at 04.45 to a wet morning. Reading for the morning: Ken Wilber's Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. This is the second edition (Shambhala 2000) from the Collected Works, Volume Six. The first edition is in my study at Bredonborough.

Now, an e-frenzy with multiple matters, many of them frictive & difficult, within both GC & Crimson touring & DGM business.

One of the arising issues: a challenge, in the form of a hurdle, was presented to a newcomer in Guitar Craft. They withdrew, in umbrage. That Awful Fripp! Perhaps things are not as they seem; but neither are they otherwise.

Another Crafty e-mailed me to inform me of several requests to them for freebie tickets in NYC. They replied: where would you like to sit and do you want one show or both shows?

Another arising issue for a Crafty: their professional life has been ended, shattered, through theft & deceit by business partners. This scenario is one I know in my own professional life. The prime injunction here is:

Turn a seeming disadvantage to your advantage;
The greater the seeming disadvantage, the greater the possible advantage.

The power & truth in this I know, although for one who has just been duffed over top & bottom, inside & outside, the injunction is only words.

In the professional area of matters Crim: I have received a j-peg of a large roadside advertising hoarding in Europe for an upcoming concert of the "21st. Century Schizoid Band former members of King Crimson". The implication accompanying this j-peg is that my personal & private, public & professional support for this venture is misplaced; that I have not been quite "protecting the brand name" of King Crimson.

The local promoter in Europe is responsible for the hoarding, not Jakko, Mel, Ian x 2 & Peter. My own professional contacts are suggesting that, with a possible KC tour of Europe upcoming, there has now appeared the spectre of two King Crimsons vying for the attention & hard-earned pay of Crimson fans. In the further reaches of Europe, where Crimson has never played and has little access to media, the possibilities of confusion are as high as local business practices are interesting.

So, I am hoping that this is a subject that the C21SB are able to address themselves, rather than it falling to me to do so. May we note, this is not a dispute between the players themselves, but those characters in the industry that nominally act on behalf of those players.

And I was able to speak to Valentine Willcox after her show this evening in Darlington. She sounded well & this lifted my spirits, as always.


Wednesday 12th. February: a drive to London and the perodontalist that cleans the roots of my teeth. Yow! and a quiet evening to follow.

Thursday 13th. February: the army were in less presence at Heathrow by 09.30 than earlier in the morning, as presented on BBC TV news. The routing was Washington Dulles - Nashville and for the connecting flight, on a small 'plane, I had to check my Travel Pro Happy Gigsters' Wonder Wheelie 'planeside. This makes me nervous. And rightly so: it did not arrive with me. So, various computer accessories & electrical stuff is currently missing. Pooey pooey.