Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Tuesday 21 January 2003

Villa Mercedes / Padres Claretianos, Madrid


Villa Mercedes / Padres Claretianos,
Calle San Pascual N 3, esquina travesía San Pascual,
28 460 Los Molinos,

The source of our knowing is of greater value than the extent of our knowledge.

My suitcase didn't make the flight transfer from United & Los Angeles to British Airways & Madrid. But Alain & Martin were at the airport to meet me and we arrived safely at the house in Los Molinos, a small village c. 40 miles from Madrid, a retreat house that belongs to the Order of the Padres Claretianos.

Backtracking --

Monday 20th. January: then there was the limousine from the hotel to the airport. It is not my policy to ride in limousines. I have even, on occasion, declined to ride in limos when provided, on the grounds that they are more a social statement than a mode of transport. So, a long black limo outside the Sofitel, and 45 minutes early at that, seemed a little de trop for a man from Dorset. But, there it was & I rode in it.

As we turned the corner from the Sofitel I called Martha Belewbeloible on my cell 'phone: to pass on a message of goodbye to Adrian, who had already checked out by the time I was about to say goodbye, and to tell Martha that Adrian had got me drunk on cheap champagne the evening before. Martha wondered why Adrian had got me drunk -- .

Martha Belewbeloible: Why did he do that?
RF: Firstly, because his football team was loosing and secondly, because I arrived at his door with cheap champagne.

As we arrived at LAX there was an interesting exchange between the driver & myself --

Limo Driver: Are you flying domestic?
Man From Dorset: International.

LD: Are you sure?
MFD: Yes.

LD: What city?
MFD: London.

So he drove me to the United Domestic terminal anyway. Then, after checking with a kerbside baggage handler to make sure, took the loop around the airport and back to the United International terminal.

The flight to Heathrow was straightforward, other than I had a Mr. Sniffy on my left ear for the entire 10 hour flight. He began by sniffing & clearing his throat regularly, and ended the flight in the same way but with an increased frequency. We landed at noon today, Tuesday.

Awaking from the overnight in-flight slumber, and intentionally entering my day, I found the Guitar Craft course reaching back to pull me towards it.

Changed terminals, called Little Willcox from Terminal One before a straightforward BA flight to Spain, and arrived 17.45 sans suitcase. Pooey pooey.