Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Sunday 17 February 2002

Hotel Quite Acceptable, Santa Barbara.


At the morning sitting, my place in the rear row was surrounded by a pile of pillows, sheets & blankets left by the departing team. Ralph V. appeared late last night during the packing & winding down to let me know that my `bus is now at 08.50. So, into a final de-vibration, packing & cleaning of the sink, then it’s about-to-be-becoming-having-been-gone time.

Hotel Quite Acceptable, Santa Barbara.

14.11  My Wife is not happy that I am not flying home today. Neither am I. The course was booked too short – I had allowed more time for this in my travel plans. Nevertheless, this is a good town and a quite acceptable hotel for a quiet day.

Ralph V. dropped off Sandra, the Alexander teacher, at the LA Airbus depot in town, then dropped me on State Street. A visit to Barnes & Noble for Hirohito over coffee, then Borders (where Kirk Douglas was due for a book signing at noon), lunch on State Street, now to the hotel. Called Sister & pals; now to catnap.

18.27  Ralph & Scott came by at 16.30 to drop off my suitcase & Travelpro Gigster Wonder-Wheelie. Ralph will collect me at 12.00 tomorrow & carry me to LAX. I have excellent take-away salad, and am settled comfortably for the evening.

Reading a Stopinder this afternoon, there is an excellent Anthony Blake essay - The Work In 2000  - plus essays by Frank Sheldon & Allen Roth, Sherborne characters all. I had a sense this morning, driving here, of a new-old direction for my own work in Guitar Craft.

Meanwhile, Baroque Adagios play on the Apple G4.