July 15, 1977 Frippertronics

This track is now available for download as part of a bumper collection of Mr Stormy's Monday Selections - his first year of random romps through the murky, cavernous DGM archives, torch in hand, fedora upon his head.

Get your listening gear in between this little piece of vintage Frippertronics.[endtease] Discovered last year by Mister Stormy on a reel labelled Frippertronic Chords, this was one of 29 drones and gradual unfurlings recorded in New York in 1977 for several studio projects that would have included Daryl Hall’s Sacred Songs, Hall And Oates’ Along The Red Ledge and Exposure. Several of these were noted by the guitarist as being “good” and in one or two cases you can sense the air of excitement as he deems them to be “very good.”

OK so this isn’t marked one way or another but to our ears it sounds just dandy!

AUDIO SOURCE: Quarter Inch Reel to Reel Tape



C Sharp Bass Joins And Becomes Seascape
Written by Mark Johnson
Meditative, and over too soon
This is a well-composed piece of music. It builds quietly and harmoniously, and I find myself wanting the first minute and 30 seconds to last much longer. By the time it reaches two minutes, it’s reached a dense middle section with many layers overlapping. It begins to get a bit challenging - at least while I’m still wishing for a longer beginning - and by the time I’ve found my way in, it thins out again, back to a place that I never wanted it to leave. Except that the journey was over too soon. Time to listen again. Don’t let the official description fool you, this is music that stands on its own no matter for what purpose it was originally created.
Written by Kent Butkovich
The Power is Still Falling
Thanks again Robert for this gem from the vaults. Aside from the poor sound quality I can see why this did not make the cut on the album. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to Let the Power Fall but this song seems much faster paced than the other pieces. The progression of the song is too quick and doesn’t allow the listener enough time to settle into the mood and then suddenly it’s over. Still, a great addition though to the Frippertronics library.
Written by Michael Boyce
Beautiful.  Frippertronics is indispensable. The most useful music I listen to. It always helps to get me on the beam.  I eagerly await more, always.
Written by ALLAN G OKADA
Stunning !
Words cannot adequately describe how much I love this stuff. Breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you so much Stormy !