The Crims are on masterful form here in LA as Easy Money moves through moments that are in turn funky, muscular, reflective and transcendent. High the atmosphere, the piece is brimming with textures and moods. Fripp’s solo gently guides the group into a more open sonic space, with numerous strands and possibilities unfurling waiting to be gathered into that tumultuous climax.
Easy Money
Written by Brady Hogan
Old friends at the Greek
Was able to attend this show with an old bandmate and friend. Was an amazing evening. This track puts me right there. Islands was a lot of fun to hear on this tour too. The Greek is a wonderful venue.
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First KC Concert
No words to really describe the magnificence that this era of KC is. I was totally blind to the new setlists they'd been playing, and I was entirely surprised by how career spanning it was without being overly reliant on nostalgia. Amazing musicianship and passion, I don't think I can ever listen to KC the same way again!
Written by Roger Carlson
Best yet!
My 3rd concert of this tour, and the best yet. The band seemed to be really cohesive, everyone having a good night, and the audience and band were having a great time. There was a lot of mid-song applause for solos, much more than on other nights. Pictures of a City, and Easy Money were the best I've ever heard. The drums and Tony were incredible on Indiscipline. Mel was so much fun to listen to, and added so much to so many songs, I'm not sure I can imagine crimson without Mel anymore. He was w...
Written by Mitchell Lawson
I felt the presence of the Crimson King
Some great surprises in the setlist tonight, made me glad I avoided spoilers. As my first ever King Crimson concert I was disappointed in the crowd (lots of people talking, moving around, or just generally being distracting during the songs) but AMAZED by the band. The second set in particular was fantastic. The amazing rendition of Easy Money into Indiscipline (wow, what a surprise), Meltdown, Radical 2 and Level Five was sublime.