As Alex ‘Stormy’ Mundy astutely notes this a powerful version of an old King Crimson stalwart. When it returned to the setlist in 2014 after an absence of 42 years it sounded fresh and dynamic but to these ears, this subtly different has an added presence that makes it stand out just that bit more.
Pictures Of A City
Written by Steven Mummy
I thought finally hearing live performances of pieces comprising the musical roots of a band I've enjoyed since I was a teen, played with such creative fidelity, would be the pinnacle experience. But hearing my wife - not a KC follower - exclaim as the last note ended, "that was the best concert I've ever seen in my life!" - I have to admit that took the cake. Bravo! A night to remember...
Written by Matthew Hammers
The First Taste
This show will always hold a special place in my heart. It was partially a reward for having survived my first year of university and partially an experience of being at my first ever concert where I wasn't hidden away in a massive stadium. It was also the first time I got to experience King Crimson in the flesh after having first taken a liking to the band two years earlier. The band's performance was nothing short of stunning from the first note until the end. Special notice must be given ...
Written by Jean Luc Michaud
How long this version of King Crimson will continue is uncertain; but, then, isn't that true of the best things in life?
This has been mentioned in the following article What a stellar band is this version of the band, after having seen you in Montreal and Quebec city, I am now looking forward to see the band in Albany...... when life is that good! Again thanks for all this goodies they are much appreciated. Keep on the good work to all of you at DGM and long live KC music.