Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt I
Written by Orn Orrason
thoughts about this recording
LTIA Pt1 is a favorite of mine also the live versions. The Bruford/Wetton combination is hard to beat and so fixed in memory. I hope these new versions will find their place in my mind but they are different. The thundering Wetton bass is missing. Tony is too polite. I also don´t like the what I presume are digital distortion effects on the guitars. They cant´t compete with the old analog effects. The guitars tone is a bit bathed in noise. This pieces needs to be played on the edge so that everything is about to collapse but still somehow together.
Written by Brad Wilmot
Fox Theater June 17
I had the privilege of attending both Oakland shows. The band was great at both but I think the mix was better on the 17th although it might be the better seats I had. The frontline is a gas to watch. Each drummer was impressive in his own way. My first impression of Neurotica was that they were opening with an improv until a minute in. It was the only number that I hadn't spoiled for myself by reading too much. As is the general consensus, Fracture was a high point that is only making occasional appearances. There were a couple of blips but still amazing. My personal fave was Islands. It was peaceful and beautiful both nights. This show had Talking Drum and both Lark's which were missing from the Friday show. On the other hand we didn't get Indiscipline or Fallen Angel which were played on the first night. Generally I thought the more open numbers like Pictures and Easy Money were better jams on this performance. Loved Schizoid, especially Gavin's solo. The main take away is If you can attend multiple shows do so. I will be catching a third tonight in Denver.