If any song in the KC repertoire benefits from the expanded line-up and the additional texture it brings, it’s this venerable old warhorse. With an extra pair of hands at the keyboards, we can now hear the lines originally added by Ian McDonald on a Baldwin electric harpsichord back in 1969, restored and bringing an extra spring and sparkle to this Crimson Classic.
The Court Of The Crimson King
Written by Lewis deSoto
Magic Mountain (Winery)
Amazing open air venue in the mountains way above the Silicon Valley. Beautiful soundscapes, moving and masterful arrangements. Brought to tears many times, especially the surprise of hearing CIRKUS. Three drummers were powerful, intense touch that gave just the right amount of color and texture to the Frippery guitar, Tony Levin's stick base, Mel Collins powerful air textures. Jakko's voice was able to match the spirit of each song. Thank you! This is my fifth KC concert and I think the b...
Written by Peter Mckibben
A Wonderful Evening
We saw the show in Oakland 2 nights later, but this one was so special. The Royal Pass was so worth it. Terrific conversations with Mr Singleton, and Gavin Harrison. I've been to almost every US/Bay Area show since '73...this was one of the best.
Written by Kurt Jonach
Extraordinary live set in beautiful outdoor venue
King Crimson played a range of favorites from earliest to latest, two sets with intermission. These song are meant to be heard live. All KC fans should get out to see the latest lineup.
Written by Duncan Mills
The Crimson King's Mountain Magic
It's impossible to summon enough superlatives to describe this experience. Every tour brings new arrangements so that old chestnuts sound as if they were written yesterday. King Crimson is becoming as much a visual experience as an aural one as Pat, Jeremy and Gavin pass percussive signatures around as if they were a spirit from a parallel universe. (A quick note to Tony: with your interest in particle physics, surely one of you guitars should be adorned with a Feynman diagram?)