Tuesday 03 August 2021

Fiddlers Green

A series of very long bus rides. We left Austin sometime after midnight, and arrived in Denver at about five o'clock in the afternoon, having briefly visited Amarillo (where "Sweet Marie" was not waiting for me or indeed anyone else) and stopped for lunch in Lamar, which boasted a McDonalds, a Subway and a gas station. And was in the middle of hours of emptiness.
Some of the band chose to fly (the fools!). If the internet had not disappeared somewhere in the midst of the Texas plains, our bus journey would have been perfect.
It was wonderful to have a night off in Denver and meet old friends, as well as the joys of a hotel - and I understand that our show at Fiddlers Green was the first one since they have re-opened. Sadly the venue was only about half full, which seems to be the current trend, but hopefully we spread a little joy.
And then another overnight trip from Denver to Salt Lake City. I met Tony Levin at breakfast in the venue this morning, where he told me that he had already posted his web diary for Fiddlers Green! I had not yet even taken the pictures from my camera. I evidently enjoy sleeping in my bunk too much...(although I had done my half-hour morning jog, which is very challenging in this heat). There is no shame in failing to keep up with Tony Levin.