ND Ateneo Buenos Aires Argentina

It’s the penultimate day of Robert and the LoCG’s run in Argentina and it opened with what was described by Alain Pinero as Soundsculptures – minimal, sparse motifs drifting in and out of the foreground as the audience enters the venue. To these ears this is operating in a similar territory to the recently released Glass and Breath album. This and the short Time Stands Still make up what could well be described as an aural tapas on house and hot off the press. Buen appetito.

AUDIO SOURCE: direct Hard Disc



Sound Sculpture Buenos Aires 9 June 07
Future Shift
Time Stands Still
Circulation Buenos Aires 9 June 07

RF20070609BuenosAires1 - Javier Lopez de Casenave

RF20070609BuenosAires2 - Javier Lopez de Casenave

RF20070609BuenosAires3 - Javier Lopez de Casenave

Written by Louie Bourland
Thanks, Hazy Dave!!!
This isn’t a review but more of a big Thank You. To Hazy Dave, Thanks for the heads-up on the FLAC version of "Time Stands Still" not being defective. I downloaded the neccesary software and re-downloaded the track in FLAC format (as opposed to the original MP3) and there were no jumps, skips or defects in the music at all. With this said, I can now successfully give this download a brilliant FIVE STARS!!! Thanks again, Hazy Dave. from Louie B.
Written by David Marheine
Time Weights
If the mp3 version still has the strange skip and random cut-up characteristics noted by LouieB, try the flac download instead, as I hear no clearly unintentional glitches of the style he describes in that version of "Time Stands Still".  (I apparently downloaded this a day after LouieB’s comment, so perhaps a defective file issue has been corrected.)  A pleasant soundscape of only theoretical utility in my own life at present; I’ll give it the extra star that LouieB could not...
Written by Louie Bourland
Nice but what's up with
It’s always a pleasure when a new download from Robert Fripp pops up on DGMLive. The 20-minute "Soundsculpture" piece is an amazing slice of beautiful minimalism similar to "Glass and Breath". I personally would not have minded if this piece were extended to an hour. The short "Circulation" as well as the "Future Shift" have their moments of beauty as well. The only problem I have is with the version of "Time Stands Still" included here. It begins in the typical Soundscape build-up fashion for its first two minutes but then shifts into what sounds like a cut-and-paste tape collage. The music skips around at random every few seconds and then at around the 4:35-4:45 mark, a few seconds of the "Circulation" piece cut in before the piece returns to normal and fades out. I have re-downloaded this piece three times now and apparently, this is the way the track was uploaded on DGMLive’s end because the recording has been identical all three times. Whether it was intended to sound this way or whether it was a ’defect’ is a mystery. This is why I only gave this three stars instead of the usual five. Beware when downloading this. If "Time Stands Still" begins to skip around after the two minute mark, don’t panic. It’s exactly what I heard too. The other three pieces are awesome though especially the opening "Soundsculpture". Amazing.
Written by Joseph Pettini
Music Quite Acceptable, Buenos Aires
I particularly enjoy the version of Time Stands Still, as well as the brief Circulation. Fascinating to contrast this recording, a mere 3 weeks old as I write, with the Chicago 1979 Frippertronics...not so much the leap in technology as the wisdom and soul gathered and refined over 28 years for both performer and listener. Thanks and love to all concerned.