What stood out for me at this exceptional performance was the improv when Robert took off on a “screed” (as Hunter S. Thompson was wont to write) and Pat followed him. Adrian looked at Robert rather bemusedly, then shared a glace with Trey as they both settled back to observe for a while until eventually finding spots to join in on the excursion. This group appeared to be having a real good time on stage, and after listening to the music again last evening after the download, it appears my memory may still be intact. Yet another highlight, among many on this evening, was an amazing FraKctured that had the entire audience enthralled. Having witnessed this piece earlier in the year in Paris, I was hoping for a second helping, and it was even better the second time around. I’m not sure what “the cause of the encore part of the set being cancelled” refers to in the official notes, as TOAPP and Thrush were the first encore and Oyster Soup was the second. The band seemed very appreciative of the audience as they took their final bows, and I even think I recall Robert applauding us! While a third encore would have been greatly appreciated, I doubt that anyone left the theater unsatisfied.