The Court Of The Crimson King
Written by Ess En
An Emotional and Wiggy Evening
This is not so much a review, but more of a remembrance. This show was originally scheduled for 24-June-20, but the pandemic saw to it being rescheduled. Luckily, my friends and I were able to retain our sixth row seats, which were straight out from Robert. This was only my fourth Crim show (over four decades) and sadly, it seems it will have been the last. Nonetheless, it was a grand evening! The Zappa Band kicked things off with a stellar set. I’ve seen Mike Keneally numerous times and...
Written by Aleksandra Craine
Just Crimson and you
Possibly my last Crimson show, Rose Music Center, nowhere in particular. What a strange venue that suddenly arises like an island out of the sea of Ohio suburbs. As I arrived to the hotel, I heard KC rehearsing. I crossed the enormous empty parking lot to sneak a listen (sorry, couldn't help it!) and soaked in the beloved sounds,until a security guard suggested that I can "walk and listen" at the same time. It was a surreal moment that made me forget about the whole world outside that parking lo...
Written by Walter Dabney Tunis
"I Wonder If That's Really It"
King Crimson Rose Music Center in Huber Heights, Ohio September 2, 2021 As the last reverberations of “21st Century Schizoid Man” settled, triggering a merry, mutual photo session between King Crimson and its audience at the Rose Music Center, a bittersweet sentiment sifted through the crowd. It was reflected very matter-of-factly by a patron sitting next to me. “I wonder if that’s really it.” The remark reflected widely circulated (meaning rumored) scuttlebutt that the mi...
Written by Paul Graham
It was indeed epic!
I traveled about 70 miles for this show (I really like this venue anyway). I had seen two earlier versions of KC (Larks/Starless Band and the Discipline Band) - both of which were amazing shows. The musicianship in those bands was incredible. But this band now, this show was stunning to me. I have never seen a band do anything like what this band does. I really hope this wasn't my last KC show - but it it was - it was stellar! Thanks lads!