Dawn Song
Written by Phillip Tackett
The Best Night I've Ever Experienced
Having caught King Crimson's show in Raleigh back 2 years ago, I anticipated no other day this year more than their announced Atlanta tour date. Needless to say, despite having a member less and a half-hour shorter setlist in comparison to Raleigh, this was an even better experience than I could've imagined. On top of performing their signature pieces like "Starless," "Islands," "Epitaph," "Cirkus," and "Schizoid Man," which were all fantastic as usual.... they also revamped earlier pieces from the same lineup with "Suitable Grounds For The Blues," "The Court Of The Crimson King" now complete with its Coda, and the best version I've heard of "Red" to date. The highlights of the concerts were the latest additions to the tour, being "EleKtriK" and "Larks' Tongues In Aspic IV" as thunderous as ever with 3 drummers at the helm, and a revisit of and old friend in "Cat Food," sounding fresh, kooky and playful like it was 5 decades ago. There were also unforgettable performances of "Moonchild" (which what I found to be Tony's best bass cadenza to date), and Indiscipline, which can only be truly experienced with ones own eyes, as you witness Pat, Jeremy, and Gavin trading off some of the most quick and insane drum breaks without skipping a single beat. It was a shame my budget this year didn't allow for a Royal Package this year, but if another tour brings a potential third experience, I'll surely be going for it. Worth every single penny for a band of this caliber.
Written by James Wolken
Beyond Category…
It always amazes me that more fans don’t post reviews of the concerts on the DGM Live website. I would presume most of the Celebration Package purchasers are members and a great many more attendees are as well, but one or two reviews are all that appear. I have been a fan since 1975. I attended the Celebration Package and can say with no reservations it was worth every penny. Robert “the Creep” Fripp opened by discussing the nature of King Crimson performances and what to bring to the event as a member of the audience. Be present and attentive. He even predicted the knuckle dragging “Where’s Adrian” audient, although he used an example where Bruford was the distracter’s focus of attention. Dave Singleton followed with some stories and insights into the backstage Crimson experience. Tony Levin did a Q&A which was both insightful and entertaining, three drummers allow him to explore the middle and upper registers more. The concert: At the end of the first set, a list of which you can see on Tony’s website, I remarked to the person sitting next to me, “after EACH song, I thought, that’s why I love and listen to this band.” There were several moments where the energy in the room was at incredibly high levels, moments I think Robert has referred to as “Music” having entered the room. Cirkus and Red were particularly inspiring. The second set was equally remarkable. During Islands, I noticed both Pat and Gavin were listening transfixed, with eyes closed to the beautiful mood being created by the performance of the other musicians. The current arrangement of Easy Money is surreal in its middle parts and at the end, Robert Fripp continued to play after the entire band had finished. It was a short and strange little bit, but seemed entirely keeping with the mood the piece had generated. Starless and ITCOTCK+Coda, again established a transcendent energy. For the encore they finished with Schizoid, a song I can’t hear without thinking about a current political leader… Duke Ellington always said performers and performances which were unequaled were “beyond category,” a description which fits this concert and this band. One more observation: it is a joy to see Mel Collins get to perform at this level and with these band mates.
Written by David Williams
Been a Crimson fan since I was 18 (34 now), and this was the first time I saw them live. The amount of skill displayed by all was truly astounding: the three-drummer configuration was truly powerful and could be FELT and not just heard. The same goes for the beautiful tone and power of Levin’s bass, which seemed to resonate from the floor. Fripp had several of his complex, extended guitar lines (especially during one song where it went on for a minute solid it seemed, which was beyond fine for me!). Collins also rocked out the sax and woodwinds, and Jakko was in fine singing form. See these guys before they disappear again!
Written by Thomas Phillips
Ladies and gentlemen...I felt compelled to comment immediately after this show...first of all - much like Nashville, the band came on to a lengthly standing ovation and there was electricity in the air. Tonight's setlist began with gusto and the entire first half was a barrage of energy usually experienced in the second set. I have no doubt that first timers were wondering what they'd gotten themselves into with the emphasis on 80's-00's...but honestly, I wanted to get to the crux of this review; having attended no less than 7 Celebration Packages this tour alone, and having spent a lifetime devoted to intense listening - I fully embrace the virtue of being present. Unfortunately, tonight was a prime example of at least one audience member who was not present...intent on shouting "Where's Adrian?"...during or between any songs from his era. Finally, he was told to "shut the f*#k up" to the approval of everyone else around him...but it was indeed hard to recover initially...even to the opening strains of "Starless". The bottom line here is, most of us love Adrian and are happy to support his current endeavors...however, he isn't currently a member of this incarnation - and after five years, apparently some people still can't accept that. And that's fine...but try to remember resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the *other* person dies. More importantly, if you choose to live in the past, please have some f*@king respect for the musicians onstage and other members in the's really not that hard. Save the angst and snark for the interwebs please - or at least put it away along with your phones and video devices. /Rant over. Back to the performance...I can sum it up like this: after each King Crimson show I've witnessed I find myself saying "that was the best show I've ever seen"; this sentiment was echoed throughout the long merch lines after the gig repeatedly via fellow audience members. Thank you again David, Iona, Megan, the rest of the crew, and of course the members of King Crimson. Happy Anniversary!