I met KC's music 46 years ago. On those days I was a girl who goes to a high school, I and some friends of mine really loved the music. It had been being relevant in me through my youth. On this time, I really understand that I met the music then for what I am now. It’s quite unexpected that such sense occur to me. The relation between how relevant KC’s music was in me and how relevant it is in me now is like a spiral. On the last show in Fukuoka, I face a drum set from my seat....which is really complicated. As it moving, it begins look like to some small galaxy... Explosions, shooting stars, calms... I’m viewing three galaxies. I’m viewing eight galaxies. I'm feeling vibrations full of the hall. ... Then I’m in the music, experiencing it is exploring itself... How awesome and lovely! But, I don’t think my English is enough to express my impression. Sorry!