Written by Samuli Korhonen
On a hot date with the beauty of the beast
First of all, live concerts are a great excuse to travel abroad. Paris was a no-brainer to take my woman for a short vacation. Seeing all the culture, eating good food and of course a King Crimson concert. This was my 3rd time seeing KC in action. It just seems to get better and better every time. Listening to some of the recordings from 2014, 2015 etc. there´s been a huge evolution coming to this day. There´s this feeling of confidence and joy. This beast is very alive and well! Rarely a gig or a concert bring so many different emotions. At times I was smiling so wide my mouth started to hurt. The drum pieces and ITCOTCK especially. Epitaph, Islands and Starless are the kind of songs that just take you away to a very sensitive place. My gf can confirm this. The heaviness of Level 5 just overpowers anything I have ever heard and I´ve seen some very metal bands. I enjoyed the new songs really much. Meltdown has been one of my favourite KC songs from the first time I heard it. It´s a perfect way to introduce this incarnation of King Crimson to anybody. Now I can´t imagine KC without three drummers. Pat with his almost primitive approach, Jeremy and his jazzy/groovy drumming and superb piano skills and Gavin, who is just too good to be a human being but still his playing is way too lively for a robot. Jakko has improved in every possible aspect. His voice is phenomenal, same applies to his guitar playing skills. I doubted for a while how he manages the "frontman" position. Not anymore. He´s got some serious swag these days. Last but not least a big thank you to Mr Robert Fripp for bringing King Crimson to us once more. When I first started to get into KC I thought there´s no chance to see you live ever. I really look forward to see you guys again next year in Europe.
Written by Stephane Pons
Stirring live experience
It has been many many years i'm a lover of King Crimson music ! Yesterday night i was at the Olympia with my son (23 years old) and at the end of this performance he said to me : "Dad i think it's the best live performance i have ever seen and heard". True, very true my son. Yesterday night some moments where magics, enchanting, incredibles. Starless is still shining, Island was so beautifull and what the Epitaph we heard !!! I appreciate also to hear new version of Discipline/Beat albums who were the perfect counterpoint of glory songs i talked. Listening, seing, living a King Crimson concert is always an experience for life and it xas yesterday night. At what a pleasure to see happy and accomplice musicians and a Robert Fripp who seem so decontract, happy and taking riffs and solo with so much communicatie joice. A taste of paradise ! PS : so sad to not have so much money these time to come back to the two others concert but it's life ! i hope you'll excuse my poor (french) english