(Not even close, to tell you the truth) - but tonight’s show in Rome was such a life reaffirming experience, that I feel like walking inside Trevi Fountain. At the pre show talk, David Singleton and Bill Rieflin talked about how the shows are getting better towards the end of the tour despite everyone already wanting to go home. David mentioned that this was the case in the Mexico shows last year, and also with the last couple of shows, Bill said that it is that moment when you push yourself beyond easy, that elevates things up. I believe there’s yet another factor to add here - Robert Fripp’s diary this week suggested: King Crimson characteristics are energy, intensity, eclecticism. Now, If you’re a tired musician who wants to go home and is starting to be fed up with it all, how would any frustration, impatience, or any accumulated aggression that you may have, be dissipated? The energy and intensity might well be channeled into your playing and music making. Music that is characterized by energy and intensity can actually benefit from this end-of-tour state of mind (eclecticism have probably worked better earlier in the tour). For a prime example of how personal stress affects music playing and making, check out the Furtwangler recordings with the Berliner Philharmoniker during the 2nd world war. There probably have never been a more intense Beethoven performance ever since, and at this point in time, it is not clear yet whether the 3rd world war can come up with something better.