Written by Caldervalium
Last night of the summer tour...
Not that I'm the one to complain, you're astonishingly generous with the free downloads, but nearly a month on and nowt from the last night of the tour (yet)? I'd love to hear the unplayable 'Fracture' played (or unplayed?) by the 16-legged beast. Pretty please?
Written by Jesus Rosales
Las night of the summer tour!
This was my fourth concert out of the five King Crimson played in Mexico City in 2017. And it's impossible for me to say it was other than an amazing experience, the encore was like a dream come true: Lark's 2, Starless and 21st Century Schizoid Man. Fracture literally gave me the goosebumps, and Islands was really moving on this night, it worked great just after Level Five, to close the second set. I don't know if my opinion is true about the elements of King Crimson, but it was evident for me that in this 2017 king Crimson, in stage there are all the Elements to play any song in the Crimson back catalog with the ability of making any song in the catalog new. I must say that after 4 hot dates with Crim and the new perspective of the old material, is quite a different and it is a surprising experience to go back and listen to the previous incarnations of King Crimson playing the same material. All in all thanks to the band for 4 amazing nights and wonderful memories!